We want Senate President Cullerton to call the bill for a Chicago elected school board.

Mayor Emanuel’s popularity sinks with each new poll.

But he seems to have the approval of the Illinois Senate President, John Cullerton.

Cullerton has so far refused the bill allowing for a democratically elected school board for Chicago.

Even though he is a sponsor of the bill.

The bill is so popular that it passed the Illinois House 110-4.

We went to Cullerton’s district office on Belmont this morning to ask him to call the bill he is a sponsor of.

All photos: Fred Klonsky


2 Replies to “We want Senate President Cullerton to call the bill for a Chicago elected school board.”

  1. We need the senate to pass the bill for elected school board,we need educators,parents,teachers,on that board,the mayor and his appointed board have failed our children’s in an awful,and a dangerous way closing schools is a HATE CRIME, it’s a Direct on children’s of color, our children’s are left behide to suffer,and struggles in these overcrowded schools,without any funding or resources provided from cps, no love , no book, no schools,not anything coming from cps or rahm, but more hardship for our children’s,yes it critical that the mayor don’t have anymore controll over our schools, He don’t care about our children’s nor their education,The mayor and cps have DESTROYED ,public education,our neighborhood schools, our history,and especially our children’s, closing our neighborhood schools,have caused violence to go up in our community,killing is up, and our babies are suffering,starving for knowledge,our children’s deserve better, save our children’s, please pass the bill,

  2. I want to believe that Pres. Cullerton will listen to the people since they are the ones who elect him. However, John seems to be out for John so rahm is more important to John than are the folks all over Chicago who voted overwhelmingly to have an elected school board. Power talks, corrupts, and has the final say. So I am not optimistic. (John has killed so many bills that were almost there due to the puppet master.)

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