Has Learn Charters really withdrawn its appeal to the Charter Commission?

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From Tuesday’s blog post.

On Tuesday I posted about Learn Charter schools and their appeal of the decision of the District 187 board of education not to authorize a school in the district backed by Walton family money.

The District 187 board warned that the funding of the Learn Charter would bankrupt the district.

The charter appeal would go to the Illinois Charter Commission, the unelected group that has been given the power to overrule local school boards.

When my friend, Bob Zahnizer, contacted his state representative, Democrat Scott Drury, he received this response:

Dear Bob:

 Thank you for your email. Earlier this week, District 187 approved a negotiated compromise with respect to LEARN’s proposal.  As a result, LEARN has withdrawn its appeal to the Charter Commission.  Thank you for your continued interested in the success of our traditional public schools.

 If you would like to discuss this further, please let us know.

 Very truly yours,

 Scott R. Drury

Illinois State Representative

58th District

I will be following this closely to see if Drury’s information is correct and what exactly the negotiated compromise is.

One Reply to “Has Learn Charters really withdrawn its appeal to the Charter Commission?”

  1. I don;t know how accurate Drury’s information is, but appealing to State Representatives (on either side of the aisle) is largely an exercise in futility. Will Guzzardi is one of the few exceptions, and we need so many more like him.
    Instead we are saddled with reps and state senators who ignore our voices, and never met a corporate welfare deal they didn’t like. (It was actually Dems who sponsored and passed the roughly $300 million tax break for the poor, beleaguered Chicago Mercantile Exchange.) We are saddled with state legislators who were (practically) bribed to pass SB7, which along with Obama’s RTTT, is busy destroying public education in this country.

    P.S. It doesn’t help public education when some Illinois school district superintendents actually say they support charter schools.

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