Random Thoughts. In trouble. Troy or Rahm?


It was always my standard response when a a good but timid teacher would approach me about a contract violation. “I don’t want to get in trouble,” they might say. “We don’t get in trouble,” I would explain. “We make trouble.”

Rahm continues to pretend that he is blameless in the attempt to fire Principal Troy LaRaviere.

LaRaviere is the outspoken principal at Blaine elementary school in Lakeview. Did Rahm want to make trouble for Troy because he was seen as a possible mayoral opponent. Was he being what the press calls “a thorn in the side of the Mayor”?

I am also blameless, even though the idea that Troy might run for Mayor was first dropped on this blog last year following his appearance at The Hideout’s First Tuesday with Ben Joravsky and Mick Dumke.

CTU President Karen Lewis was talking about her past and future political plans and when the issue of running for Mayor came up, I heard her turn to Troy and say, “Why don’t you run?”

I drew up a Troy for Mayor poster and posted, only half-seriously, about Troy being a candidate.

I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble, least of all Troy.

I just wanted to make a little trouble for Rahm.

Did Rahm read my post? Did I get Troy in trouble?


I was just out to drum up some discussion then – and still – about a challenger to Rahm in three years.

Rahm seems to have made trouble enough for himself without any help from me. And a little help from the truth-telling of Principal LaRaviere.

Natasha Korecki reports in Politico this morning:

CHICAGO — At a time when Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seeing his grasp on power slipping, the leaders of three City Council caucuses are experiencing the opposite.

Ald. Roderick Sawyer (Black Caucus), Ald. Scott Waguespack (Progressive Reform Caucus) and Ald. George Cardenas (Latino Caucus) are meeting today in a first-of-its kind sit down. Several sources confirmed to POLITICO that the three quietly arranged to meet to discuss potential avenues where their groups may be able to coalesce.

The sources said there was no firm agenda for their lunch meeting but recent discussions have centered on ways to bring back the ostensibly traditional role of City Council by empowering members. That talk has extended to the possibility of having the council name members to committees, a plum long doled out by the mayor.

Police issues, neighborhood investment and the mayor’s recent appointment of Andrea Zopp as deputy mayor were on the docket, according to one of the sources.

Together, members of the three groups form a formidable bloc, making up 32 of 50 city council members.

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

2 Replies to “Random Thoughts. In trouble. Troy or Rahm?”

  1. Let’s combine your previous two posts. The best thing about Troy LaRaviere is that he speaks the truth whether you believe it or not. He is very different in that respect. He does not spout vague pronouncements of what he wants you to hear and believe. He states a fact and then backs it up with data and research. It might take a while for folks to get used to the actual truth but Troy will come out on top in all this eventually. The fact that rahm is dealing with him so early in the election cycle proves what a threat rahm feels he can be in three years. And he will be a threat. Truth to power. Especially power based on lies.

  2. If Rahm is acting out of fear of competition to his future election, he may be providing more support for LaRaviere with the current sanctions. Those who get their news from places other than this blog may not have paid much attention to LaRaviere before now.

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