Keeping retirement weird. Protest for an IPI gift certificate.


Our Park Ridge Education Association teachers union local always has had a reputation as a politically active one.

We never had trouble filling a bus to go to Springfield to talk to legislators and explain to them what counts as good education policy.

We paid for the bus out of teachers’ donations to our political action fund (never dues money, in spite of what the union-haters suggest).

Donations also paid for the substitute so that the teachers who went to Springfield didn’t have to lose a personal day. Of course, those of us who took the bus had to prepare the lesson plans for the sub. Ask a teacher. They would much rather be teaching than writing lesson plans.

Wednesday, thousands of the state’s public employees will be gathering in Springfield to demand a budget with none of Rauner’s anti-union turnaround agenda crap.

Capitol Fax reports that the state’s bureaucrats have threatened workers for putting up flyers about the protest. The union response has been pretty funny. They replaced Rauner’s name with “censored”.


There has been plenty of speculation about how the budget impasse will get resolved. Some have suggested that it will end with an income tax increase back up to something close to the previous 5% and include some of Any Manar’s change in the school funding formula.

And what about Rauner’s business agenda?

It is hard to imagine he will get much more than some changes to workman’s comp.

All this pain for that?

If you think his polling numbers are down now (the 6th most unpopular governor in the nation), just wait.

While teachers and other public employees pay their own way to Springfield on Wednesday, Capitol Fax is also reporting that the anti-union faux think-tank, the Illinois Policy Institute is handing out gift cards to those who attend their counter-protest.

Remember when Rahm’s people were paying poor folks and the homeless to show up at school closing hearings?

I’m pretty sure that the folks at IPI couldn’t find poor folks with a GPS.

Gift cards?

Good at Bloomingdales, no doubt.

5 Replies to “Keeping retirement weird. Protest for an IPI gift certificate.”

  1. They would much rather be teaching than writing lesson plans.

    Interesting admission that teachers are not writing lesson plans for themselves.

    1. I love your trolling comments, if only because they show your total ignorance about what happens in classrooms. Which makes you an expert these days. There was never a class I taught in which I did not have a clear plan for goals, activities and outcomes. Only someone as out of touch with what happens in a class of one teacher and thirty kids could imagine otherwise. Writing lesson plans for a substitute is an entirely different matter.

  2. Fred,
    Even I know that a lesson plan can be in your head, as it probably is with a good and experiences teacher. Plan your work and work your plan they say.
    As for taking a day off of work and away from the kids for self serving political activity and leaving kids with less qualified, no matter how good they are the sub has less invested and does not know the kids,
    Remember, we are in it for the kids.


    1. Never said it was just in my head. I said there was a difference between sub plans and my plans. Apparently “we” don’t grasp the difference. Makes me think “we” weren’t both in a classroom. I went to Springfield for funding. For the kids. Where were you?

  3. The ipi is incapable of accepting the rule of law and they and their handful and we will soon see what a handful it is…
    will be out ranting about their repeated pension losses and touting their made up studies. I was going to mention one of their rants but it was so tiresome I took a nap instead.

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