6 Replies to “Paul Ryan’s existential dilemma.”

  1. Ryan is upset Trump does NOT want to cut Social Security or keep bad trade deals! Maybe he could call Ryan and pretend to be a Koch like that one dj did to Walker. I hear he is good at that sort of thing.

  2. Even on NPR, Trump and the repugs are all that is discussed. Never a word about Sanders or Clinton. It is sad. I listened to Rep. Scott from PA ranting about how people need more jobs, the economy needs to improve, and that our standing in the world needs to be improved. It was laughable.

    Since Obama was elected in 2008, there are millions more jobs, the economy is now stable after almost total destruction by GWB and cronies, millions more have access to health care, and Obama is one of the world’s most respected leaders. All this in the face of constant disrespect and obstruction by the republican party in Congress. Trump, on the other hand, makes the world cringe if not laugh. Do repugs respond to logic at all???

    It will be interesting to see how many repugs throw what little morality and ethics some may still have to support this clown. I only hope that there are enough logical folks in this country to defeat him. It will be the end of this country as we know it if he is ever elected to anything much less the presidency.

    Oh. Paul Ryan needs to go as well. Not a good person unless you are one of the .01%.

    1. I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat of the traditional, working class kind and I have had very serious issues with President Obama and his sort of “Democrats” since the week after his first inauguration in 2009. His sort of “Democrats” include Mayor Rahm, Arne Duncan, Timothy Geithner (a Democrat???), Eric Holder, Larry Summers, Robert Gibbs, and a host of other Bill Clinton retreads in his administration who’ve done a far more “competent” job of promoting a neoliberal, Milton Friedmanesque, Ayn Randesque agenda than the incompetent, crony capitalist Republicans whom one usually finds inhabiting the halls of Congress or a kleptocratic, Republican administration like that of Bush-Cheney.

      Even Paul Ryan, the Catholic, Ayn Rand, Republican devotee and ideologue just talks about his grand “plan” “to reform” Social Security, Medicare, and to replace Obamacare with what may be called “Ryancare.” He also has a “plan” to “restore prosperity” to America through more tax cuts for billionaires. Ryan has yet to craft a “plan” or “plans” to accomplish any of his goals. He’s proved his incompetence already; though our news media, such as it is, hasn’t discovered this yet, and probably never will. He really doesn’t have a “plan” other than to keep doing what Republicans since Eisenhower have always done best: “fix” things so that no one else can “fix” them. Ryan’s “plan” is a figment of his addled, Catholic, Ayn Rand, neoliberal imagination. Ironically, Ayn Rand was also an avowed atheist and a pro-abortion feminist. No one with a bit of knowledge and a rational mind can take this lightweight, amateur, flim-flam artist from Janesville, Wisconsin seriously.

      The “competent” Obama administration, on the other hand, has “created millions more jobs” in the past eight years and unemployment is fairly “low.” That begs the questions: Why has income inequality increased since the advent of Obama in 2009 and the great American middle class is disappearing at a faster rate under his leadership than that of any of his predecessors? Why is there so much anger in the country? Republican obstruction and racism are a part of the answer. Much of it, however, rests squarely with Obama’s naivety, his inclination to compromise, and a pro-big business, Republican-Lite agenda. As a traditional, working-class kind of Democrat, I’m philosophically out-of-step with President Obama and his company of pro-corporate “Democrats.”

      1. Obama and the democrats let us (unionized labor) down the first 2 years when they failed to pass the “card check” legislation. They were too busy with other things, and after that they lost their majority in the house and lost their filibuster-proof majority in the senate. That pretty much spells the end of (what little was left of) private sector union strength in the US, and what unions are left are settling for cuts/freezes in wages and benefits just to keep the jobs. The return of the robber-barons, right to work (for less) laws, and the shift to 401k instead of pensions is just the beginning. The “millions of jobs created” are mostly part time, minimum wage, no benefits. The jobs lost were full time, higher paid, mostly unionized with benefits. People who lost the full time jobs have to do 2 or 3 part-time fast food jobs to try to get by. The 3 part-time jobs are then counted as 3 new jobs created. It looks good on paper, but it is really bad, and is going to get much worse.

  3. Ryan’s goddess is Ayn Rand . That is all you need to know.
    Bernie wins when the mainstream media ignores him …so keep ignoring and keep broadcasting the Donald show. The top 01 is about right …those over 100 million..our overlords. Makes life easy for the media it’s like covering a small town and they can ignore the rest of us…..and their fan club here….those who 💘 the rich as if they were themselves.

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