Random thoughts. Turning around the turnaround.


As I posted earlier, I have been engaged in an email conversation with my local State Representative, Will Guzzardi, over Senate Bill 231.

SB231 is Senator Andy Manar’s bill that claims to change the state’s school funding formula, moving state money from wealthier districts to poorer ones. How true that is is arguable. Chicago will remain underfunded compared to the rest of the state.

One component of the Manar bill would be to move special education funding to a block grant with no requirement to spend state school funds on special education.

In my most recent message to Representative Guzzardi, I wrote that the bill should not be passed by the House with the current special education component. And, as I have been writing each year that Senator Manar has introduced a version of this state funding change, without adequate state funding there can be no equity, regardless of the change in the formula.

To which Representative Guzzardi wrote to me yesterday:

Absolutely agree. I don’t think the bill is going to come to the floor as is — it’ll either be amended considerably or just die on the vine.

In spite of union support for SB231 and support from a number of school superintendents, I hope Will Guzzardi is right.

I hope it dies on the vine.

Illinois shouldn’t add students with special needs to the growing list of the most vulnerable who are hurting bad in Illinois

And for what?

It is becoming clear that the Governor’s turnaround agenda will crash and burn.

After May 31, it will take a supermajority to pass any of it.

His anti-union agenda is doomed.

Yet in pursuing it, he has hurt so many.

He has a history of this kind of behavior.

3 Replies to “Random thoughts. Turning around the turnaround.”

  1. He vetoed the AFSCME arbitrartion Bill so he can force a strike. Thisbi his version of Wisconsin an end run around Illinois law. Be prepared to support state worker s in the forced strike.

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