4 Replies to “Teachers (Timuel Black).”

  1. The epitome of what is wrong with education. Public schools should be providing an objective education, not a liberal political indoctrination.

    In a free society, families are free to help their children create their own vision of the future. Not the government’s function. You may applaud his civil rights activism, but it does not belong in the public school classroom.

    This has been going on for fifty years, and is why we are in such deep trouble today. Create a mandate that all children must attend a government school, and this is the almost certain consequence.

    1. Civil rights and social justice education doesn’t belong in a public school classroom? Try and stop us.

    2. akivida, hasn’t the issue of civil rights, and the ongoing quest for those rights, been an important part of our country’s history since Day1? It would seem to me that a civilized discussion and sharing of ideas about fairness, justice, and injustice, would have a necessary and appropriate place in a public school curriculum.

    3. akivida,
      It’s the height of irony that you’re the real victim of deliberate, methodical, and repetitious presentations of half truths, distortions, and outright lies which, you claim, are presented to students in what you call “government schools.” You’re not even aware that you’ve been brainwashed. Let me help you with a bit of introspection. Try to recall: From which source or sources did you unconsciously assimilate and internalize the term “government schools?”

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