6 Replies to “Illinois econ 101.”

  1. The exception to the $6119 is Chicago where it is down to $4,000 give or take (mostly take) and will decrease to a bit more than $2,000 next school year if forrest and rahm and bruce have their way. I guess their friends are making money in the prison game so that is where the emphasis will continue to be.

  2. What the Brits used to do: not so much incarceration – they hung them, or they transported them to the Colonies (like America or Australia). What do you think?

    1. We did it too only we called it lynching. What do I think? No state should be allowed to spend less on our children’s education than they do on our prisoners’ incarceration. You should love the competitive aspect of it. A new definition of Race to the Top.

  3. What do you propose we do with the prison population? Just let them all go free to continue robbing, raping, burglarizing, car jacking, shooting, stabbing, and murdering the law abiding citizens? Last I checked, public education was pretty much free, supported by taxpayer money. With that said, those receiving 3 hots and a cot at one time gave up their opportunity to be educated by either committing one of these crimes or by dropping out of school in the first place. Some individuals simply don’t value education. And Fred, that goes across the board. It covers all races.

  4. “In Illinois, fully half of those residing in prison facilities are serving sentences for non-violent offenses” Chicago Tribune March 6, 2016

    Dear Anonymous,

    Are you another one of those “makers and takers” people?

    Interesting assumptions that people in prison have never paid anything to support public education and choose go to prison for free rent and food. You may believe it, but I don’t.

    Painting the Illinois prison population as people who are “robbing, raping, burglarizing, car jacking, shooting, stabbing, and murdering the law abiding citizens” Is not accurate for half the prison population, even according to the Tribune (not exactly a “liberal” newspaper). About half are ‘non-violent’ offenders.

    The point is: Locking up about 24,000 people (at $22,000 each) who are non-violent offenders is not a wise use of state resources. We can do better both for them and for ourselves. Even Bruce agrees we need to make some better choices here.

    “Gov. Bruce Rauner says it’s time to rethink the state’s approach to crime and punishment” Chicago Tribune March 6, 2016

    Violent felons belong in prison. Many others do not. Time to put inaccurate stereotypes and fear mongering to rest.

    Do better.

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