Raoul takes on Cullerton over an elected school board and the race for governor is on.

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State Senator Kwame Raoul has decided to take on Senator John Cullerton and Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the issue of an elected representative school board for Chicago.

And it seems to me like this is the start of Senator Raoul taking on Governor Rauner as well.

For the office of Governor.

Raoul holds Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat.

It has been an open secret that Senator Raoul wants to be governor. But, it is interesting to me that he has decided to take on the Democratic Senate President and the Mayor over the school board issue as his opening fight for the Governor’s office.

 State Sen. Kwame Raoul plans to hold public hearings across Chicago this summer in an effort to bolster support for a bill to replace the Chicago Board of Education — appointed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel — with one that’s elected.The Illinois House overwhelmingly passed a bill in March that would create an elected school board — replacing the seven the mayor chooses with 21 democratically elected members. But the bill has been stuck in the Illinois Senate since then.

“Stuck” meaning Rahm’s pal John Cullerton has blocked it.

Then there is the stupidity of the Mayor getting involved in who is the head of the Principal’s Association.

Rahm turned the election of an officer of an organization most people never heard of into a headline grabbing defeat for himself.

Rahm backed the obvious loser in an election in the Principal’s Association?

I’m still shaking my head over that one. And this guy was once considered a political genius?

And it also increased the visibility of Troy LaRaviere as a critic of the Mayor.

I’m glad because this is all about our schools.

Unlike the presidential election where schools are only mentioned slightly more than issues impacting the elderly.

Which is never.

2 Replies to “Raoul takes on Cullerton over an elected school board and the race for governor is on.”

  1. This bill already passed the House overwhelmingly. If Cullerton allowed it to be called in the Senate, it would pass there as well. Rauol holding hearings is a form of delay. It’s doubtful Cullerton, who opposes the bill, would have turned it over to someone who someone who is actually for it. And not in the distant future.

    1. I thought Cullerton refusing to call it was the form of delay. I think Raoul having hearings shines a light on it. But maybe I’m wrong.

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