2 Replies to “Teachers (Eleanor Duckworth).”

  1. Kinda like life, isn’t it, Fred? If one has a job and does it, no one ever knows if it was accomplished by thinking correctly, or if the result was pure luck. For example, an art teacher has a student who later becomes an accomplished artist – connection? Or fortuity?

    A terrorist bomber kills someone and gets away with it on a technicality (FBI, say, deemed guilty of illegal wiretaps) – did the terrorist use his wits to evade responsibility, or did he get lucky?

    All we know is that the job got done, and the job-holder can claim credit for the achievement.

    1. Nope. It’s not “kinda like life.” Life, which I assume educating our children is already is part of, is filled with examples of understanding process and showing your work.
      Your views are loaded with contradictions: Social Darwinism, survival of the fittest, on the one hand, and life-as-luck on the other.
      As for my own field of art education, it is both about process and product.

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