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Photo: Frank James Johnson.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear about one thing. It wasn’t Katrina that “swept away” the N.O. public school system. It was a gaggle of opportunistic profiteers and union-busters who made the hurricane their rationale for firing every public school teacher in the Big Easy and for breaking their union. What they did in N.O., Detroit and other cities was no natural disaster. It was man-made. Michael Klonsky’s Small Talk



Big data has certainly proved useful for global education reform by informing us about correlations that occurred in the past. But to improve teaching and learning, it behooves reformers to pay more attention to small data – to the diversity and beauty that exists in every classroom – and the causation they reveal in the present.   If we don’t start leading through small data we might find out soon enough that we are being led by big data and spurious correlations. Pasi Sahlberg



250,000 copies of Ta-Nehisi Coates Black Panther comic book have been sold.


Epitaph for a Transsexual

(for John-David)

He liked feminine things

as far back as I can remember:
high-heel shoes, scarves, purses,

dancing before mirrors.
School was a horror.
He preferred hopscotch to relay races,

jump rope to baseball.

I imagine a woman in search of her body,
a hijacked plane touched down

in a strange place,

or a photograph of someone else
in unfamiliar clothes.

He played out his life in a foreign film

with no subtitles, with no critics
to rave in reviews, no one

to laud his impersonation.

He was less reality than dream,
more imagination than possibility,

and he lived a life without a plot

and point of view,
like a poorly written story

filled with questions and no answers.

I think of a woman I did not know,
a sister I wish I had.

(John-David was born on April 28, 1961; he died from complications caused by AIDS on June 3, 1987).

Glen Brown




The U.S. government announced the release of an Afghan who had been detained for 14 years without ever being convicted of a crime and five years after charges against him were thrown out, various news outlets reported Sunday.

The Periodic Review Board, an organization comprised of various government agencies that conducts parole-style hearings for prisoners held at Guantanamo, released a three-paragraph statement with some details about the release of the man named Obaidullah, AP reported, adding that there are 80 prisoners still held at the controversial Guantanamo prison, including 28 who have been cleared for release. TeleSur



2 Replies to “Sunday Times.”

  1. You can’t even be honest about what pisses you off about new orleans. come on admit it, it was the loss of union members, union dues etc.etc.
    the kids will be fine, if not better off.

    The unions have had a couple generations at least to try and prove their point. Time to give someone else a chance.

    Sorry Fred, that’s the answer.

    Choice, choice choice!!!!!!

    1. Laughing. There’s nothing like an anonymous critic calling me dishonest. But I plead guilty to the charge (not the dishonest part). Of course I don’t personally benefit from the right of teachers and other workers to join a union. I don’t personally receive dues money. But there is no doubt that the loss of union members drives down the the salary, rights and benefits of all teachers, of all workers. Nothing in the data suggests that students in NOLA are better off without neighborhood public schools and well-compensated teachers. Unionized teachers correlates to student success.

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