8 Replies to “IPI criticizes my art.”

  1. Perhaps you should remind your teaders who exactly funds IPI . Dark dark republican money including rauner. This “think tank” hands out $10,000! “Scholarships” to legislators which buy votes.
    Your illustration applies.

  2. I think they are right Fred . I wknt go jnto art theory or history which is fun but this really is a throwback to pre twenthieth century painting before photos. It seem Fred you have actually gone out and taken a picture of IPI!………All kidding aside it is a true modernist painting that does capture the IPI. I think Ken should pay you at least million dollars so he can have the true essence of his friends with him at all times.Truth hurts IPI.

  3. Bruce Dold, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Chicago Tribune, must “hang” at Chicago’s high-priced bars during Happy Hour with Tyrone Fahner of the Civic Committee of the Commercial Club, Laurence Msell of the Civic Federation, and possibly the junior member of Chicago’s elite, Andy Shaw of The Better Government Association, maybe Rauner, or even the increasingly toxic mayor of Chi-Town where they compete with one another under the influence for which one can concoct the most outrageous and extreme ideas to create misery and wretchedness for the middle and lower income earners of Chicago. Increasingly, their victims can be seen begging for money along the Magnificent Mile, in front of the Civic Opera, Union Station, and at a multitude of other places, including at the door step of Tribune Tower. Enough of grifters like Fahner, Msell, Shaw, ad nauseam, and enablers like Dold who won’t be satisfied until they, with the sinister help of the Illinois Policy Institute, reduce Chicago, the World Class City, to a world class poor house…

    Now for the IPI and the Tribune… The Tribune has become a worse rag under Dold’s direction than it was when Col. McCormack ran it many decades ago. The Trib and news are oxymorons like Fox News(?). Arguably, coupon clippers may find some value in its Sunday editions. The Trib’s editorial page is an echo chamber for some of the most ideologically driven and infantile political commentary imaginable. Kristen McQueary and Eric Zorn are proof of that. Who finds it shocking that the Tribune’s editorial writers ape the primitive, lizard-brained slime that flows from the Koch Brothers-funded IPI? The Trib is no different than the former Soviet rag, Pravda, or the notorious communist East German propaganda sheet, “Neues Deutschland,” whose readers would say it was good for three things: wrapping fish bought at the market; starting a fire in a coal-burning stove; and for use as toilet paper in an outhouse. Fish are now wrapped at the supermarket; few heat their houses with coal burning stoves; and our modern flush toilets can’t handle newspaper. The Chicago Tribune has lost any utilitarian value it might have had in the long-distanced past. Nice job, Bruce!

    In addition, I find it exceedingly difficult to understand why WTTW or its sister station, WYCC, respected sources of varied and informative public programming would even consider permitting the automaton-like creatures of an obvious, ideologically rigid, Koch Brothers propaganda arm like the IPI to spread falsehoods to their audiences. Other than their routine libertarian drivel, the IPI automatons commonly seen on “Chicago Tonight” and “In the Loop” have nothing of substance to offer. As a devoted fan of WTTW and contributor for over four decades, the constant presence of stuffy IPI flacks on some of its programs is wearing on me. I realize that I’m not forced to watch them, but to give them a constant forum is disturbing regardless. The nonsense presented by the IPI is completely devoid of any redeeming value and obnoxiously repetitive. To hear its propaganda once is more than enough, “Chicago Tonight” or “In the Loop” need not invite IPI’s automatons to return to its programs. If you’ve heard them once, you’ve heard it all. There is no more.

    Other than promoting moronic, destructive ideas, what does the IPI offer to our society? Other than coupons for coupon clippers, what is the redeeming value of the “World’s Greatest Newspaper?” Keep up the good work, Bruce!

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