Sunday Times.


Allen Ginsberg. Born June 3, 1926.

As in those glorious days of May ’68, now, 48 years later, all France is on the street, showing that their workers have a point of patience against capitalist greed, which has already been exceeded. The fundamental reason for these huge mobilizations, crisscrossed by hundreds of fighting melee with the gendarmes sent by the government of Francois Hollande, is a highly controversial labor reform that already in February, when it had not yet been submitted to Parliament, had He has been rejected by the unions. Hollande did not want to hear the complaint that moment, and with total disregard for the popular will put first with his usual arrogance. (Google translation) Carlos Aznarez


Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 7.14.03 AM

Graph: Economic Policy Institute


Here are 200 of the highest-paid chief executives in American business. The data comes from the Equilar 200 Highest-Paid CEO Rankings, which lists the compensation of the chief executives of 200 public companies with annual revenue of at least $1 billion, that filed proxies by April 30th. New York Times





Liberals and conservatives have been arguing for years over whether high taxes drive away people with high-incomes. Do millionaires flee from high-tax states to low-tax jurisdictions, as tax-cutting lawmakers claim? Now, in the most extensive look at the question to date, a group of researchers from Stanford University and the U.S. Treasury Department have the answer: Millionaires hardly ever move from one state to another for any reason, and when they do there is little evidence that their choice is driven by taxes. Forbes




Farima Pour-Khorshid is one of the most brilliant social justice educators I know. She teaches bilingual kindergarten in Hayward CA and is now working on her PhD in education as well as being a teacher activist and organizer with the Teachers 4 Social Justice in the Bay Area. Too often, we think of kindergarten teachers as simple caregivers, offering some hugs and some fun activities. Inevitably, kindergarten is also the level of teaching most reserved for women, with the participation of men going up as the grades rise up to college level.

But to know Pour-Khorshid, who her kids call “Ms. Farima,” is to know a powerhouse educator. She remembers her own schooling as frustrating. She was the kid who got in trouble, who was caught talking too often. She says, “Now teaching allows me to become the teacher I wish I would have had for my first experience in school. No child should ever hate school, and much less in kindergarten.” Rick Ayers

2 Replies to “Sunday Times.”

  1. Great article from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities titled…”State Taxes Have a Negligible Impact on Americans’ Interstate Moves.” Written by Michael Mazerov. Not only rich but also lower and middle class aren’t likely to flee States because of Taxes.

  2. I noticed Leslie Moonves, the man who gives us three versions of NCIS, two shows with his wife, and has overseen the demise of a great news organization, is number two on the list of highly compensated CEOs. This is the man who quashed the investigation of George W. Bush going AWOL from the Air National Guard so that the FCC would loosen restrictions on acquiring affiliate stations. Not sure what he has done to deserve this compensation, but I am sure it’s not because of his courage or his creativity.

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