Without tax breaks for the rich and the anti-union Turnaround agenda will people leave Illinois?

John Dillon

-John Dillon. John blogs at Pension Vocabulary.

My neighbors and their “millennial” children living in the basement are leaving Illinois for Indiana.  They’ve had enough, they tell me.  “The taxes, Madigan, the Obamas…”

They’ll be happier there and better off, they tell me over an afternoon beer.  And almost an hour closer to their slip in Grand Haven where they spend much of their time sailing.

They’re recently retired (and so are their children – not-so-recently).

So, one more Illinois resident family leaves and becomes another statistic in the ongoing argument that Illinoisans are fleeing the state of Illinois in Biblical proportions.  Look back and turn to salt?

I often drive on the Southside expressways, so I commonly see the signs welcoming all of us to Indiana, and the puffed-up promises of a better life in a state where the median income is 31st as contrasted to Illinois’ 18th position according to U.S. Census’s Bureau reports.  But it is appearances that are dressed as reality that humans swallow in American politics.

I’ve heard first-term governor Rauner’s constant pitches that we are “losin’ people to our neighborin’ states.”

Are we?  Have we been?  I’ve wondered…

Rauner echoes the arguments of his close allies in the Illinois Policy Institute, and Representative Ron Sandack (81st District) who all follow this line of argument like a phalanx of myrmidons.

“The wealthy will leave, I tell ya!  And then, we’ll be left to pay the increased taxes,” Representative Sandack urged at a recent meeting I attended when he was asked about a graduated tax policy.

For Representative Sandack and many others like the governor, so many issues will result in people’s mass exodus to other places: pension issues, workman’s comp., union power, local rule, etc.

Yet, new evidence and research from Natalie Davila, Mike Klemens, Robert Ross, and Lyman Stone from KDM Consulting notes quite the opposite of the argumentative positions of the current governor, the I.P.I., and Representative Ron Sandack.

Read the entire post here.

2 Replies to “Without tax breaks for the rich and the anti-union Turnaround agenda will people leave Illinois?”

  1. Under Mike Pence, Indiana’s Economic Engine Has Stalled

    INDIANAPOLIS – As Mike Pence and his attack-dog Eric Holcomb begin their “Start Your Engines Tour” today, it’s worth noting that under the governor’s first term in office – the state of Indiana and its economic engine have stalled.

    Currently, Hoosiers earn just 86 cents on the dollar compared to the average American. That’s nearly $7,000 less per year. And Indiana’s per capita income dropped to 38th in the nation. With the state being ranked dead LAST in economic growth in the Midwest, Hoosier workers are left falling behind the rest of the nation…

    Overall State Economy

    Indiana’s economy grew at a sluggish .4% rate in 2014. – [NWI Times, 6.10.15]
    Indiana’s economy grew .5% or less three of last four years. – [NWI Times, 6.10.15]
    Indiana ranks LAST in economic growth in the Midwest. – [NWI Times, 6.10.15]
    Indiana ranks 38th in per capita income, down from 34th in 2004. – [NWI Times, 03.26.16]
    Median Incomes: Wages have dropped from $53,500 in 2000 to $46,900 in 2013. – [U.S. Census]
    Hoosiers make 86 cents for every one American dollar earned. – [Indianapolis Star, 6.1.15]
    Indiana ranks 46th in quality of life, 42nd in workforce. – [CNBC]
    About two thirds of minimum wage workers in Indiana are women. – [Forbes, 7, 2015]
    Hoosier women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes. – [AAUW, 2015]
    African American households earn on average $21,000 less than white households. – [Indianapolis Star, 4.11.15]
    Hispanic households make $15,000 less than white households. – [Indianapolis Star, 4.11.15]
    Mike Pence’s RFRA

    Mike Pence signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in a closed door ceremony [FOX 59, 3.26.15], throwing Indiana into a $250 million economic panic. – [The Advocate, 7.10.15]
    Pence Repeals Common Construction Wage Law

    Mike Pence and Statehouse Republicans repealed the common construction wage laws, allowing union worker wages to go down and the expanding wage gap continues to grow in our state. – [NWI Times, 5.6.15]

  2. Same with Ohio. It has more to do with bad trade deals combined with less new technology not the silly TA. BTW I recommend the new book History of American growth. We need a tax cut for our struggling middle class and poor. Ourvrich will still pay less than New York and California. I dare Ken to move to Indianapolis.

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