A welcome to all the new members of the Illinois Teacher Retirement System.


Welcome retirees. We have been fighting this fight for you and for us for a long time.

Over the next few weeks thousands of teachers and education employees will be entering retirement and will start collecting a pension for which they never once missed making their contribution.


Thank every current retiree, their organizations and the lawyers who argued, lobbied, took to the streets and argued before the courts.

We won.

The Illinois Supreme Court ruled that the law is the same no matter how high or how low you are when it comes to the pension protection clause of the Illinois constitution. They ruled that the state has a legal and moral obligation to pay what is owed.

To my newly retired comrades: Live long and comfortably. We have earned every penny.

A truly decent and humane society would provide the same for every retired and elderly person.

3 Replies to “A welcome to all the new members of the Illinois Teacher Retirement System.”

  1. I worked hard for my money, little did I know other people were working hard for my money, i would not have worked so damn hard.

    1. Let me explain again, Anonymous (naturally). You didn’t work hard for my money. It wasn’t paid. That’s why the pension fund has no money: nobody paid but the teachers. Yet, it was part of our compensation package. Just like wages and other benefits. Perhaps you should complain about working hard for cops, firemen, streets and other government services. If you don’t want to work so damn hard for those, get the rich to pay their share or move to Idaho.

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