Fighting austerity around the planet.

In the streets, with occupations and at the ballot box.

Podemos (We Can) leader Pablo Iglesias and Izquierda Unida (United Left) leader Alberto Garzon pose before their meeting at the Spanish parliament in Madrid
Podemos (We Can) leader Pablo Iglesias (L) and Izquierda Unida (United Left) leader Alberto Garzon pose before their meeting at the Spanish parliament in Madrid, Spain, February 18, 2016. REUTERS/Andrea Comas/File Photo

The Unidos Podemos (United We Can) alliance may or may not end up joining a coalition government in an election which the center-right People’s Party (PP) of caretaker Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is forecast to win but again fall short of an absolute majority.

But with opinion polls showing Unidos Podemos could take a quarter of the vote in the election, it is set to assure a strong anti-austerity bloc in the next parliament at a time when spending cuts and labor reforms in Europe have led to student protests in Paris and worker riots in Athens.

In a 50-point manifesto, the alliance promises to row back on labor reforms put in place during the euro zone debt crisis that made it easier to hire and fire employees, and says it will increase spending on health and education. Reuters


France’s president, François Hollande, has rejected demands from the CGT that he scrap a bill to give companies more freedom to negotiate in-house deals on pay and conditions. An opinion poll for Le Figaro magazine showed 60% of respondents believe the CGT is abusing the right to strike. Previous polls had shown the strike had majority support.

The government is keen to minimise disruption before Euro 2016, during which around 2.5 million people are expected to attend matches across the country. The Guardian


Paris. May 13, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 6.59.37 AM.jpg

Mexico City . With a new appeal to the Ministry of the Interior (SG) to “have the political will to start negotiations” with the dissident teachers, hundreds of disgruntled teachers arrived at the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) which requested that a commission was received for delivery of a document.

Victor Manuel Zavala Hurtado, secretary general of Section 18 of Michoacan, reiterated that the magisterial conflict “and demands a response and the possibility of dialogue open. We are the first to want to defuse this stage and reach solutions” that allow them return to their states and schools.

In an interview, he said that not only the dissident teachers is calling on the federal government to open a dialogue.”There are other sectors that also have joined this request, because it is clear that dissatisfaction is growing. What we demand is dialogue, our demands are met, but also to stop the whole scheme of repression against teachers”.

Said the call to SG is that “and put your good offices and sit down to talk,” he said, noting that the National Coordinator of Education Workers (CNTE) “not coerce anyone. It was shown in the case Chiapas that managers who attacked were not masters of the coordinator. ”

We think, he said, totally unfair that want to cause a bad image against teachers, when “we insisted that our movement is civil and peaceful. We can not coerce anyone, let alone our colleagues or parents, would be like saying they bring me by force, what happens is that there are very complex social conditions and do not want to acknowledge. ”

After a rally at the facilities of Televisa Chapultepec, the contingent of dissident teachers, about one thousand according to figures from the Government of Mexico City, marched to the headquarters of the SEP, where they held a political rally before returning his encampment in the Plaza de la Ciudadela.

Zavala Hurtado announced that the protest actions will not be suspended until a dialogue table. “We have said repeatedly, we will not retire until they meet our right to be heard.”

Therefore, he stressed that Friday remains the call for a mobilization in Mexico City and simultaneous protest actions in at least 28 states of the country. La Jornada


The decision to privatize the public telecommunications company Empresa Telecomunicaciones de Bogotá (ETB) led to continued tensions in Bogota on Tuesday, with various groups marching against the decision of the City Council.

The privatization of the telecommunications company was debated and approved by a majority of the city council last week.

But the anti-austerity protests in the capital are occurring simultaneously with nationwide agricultural strikes, as campesino and Indigenous groups add to the pressure on the Juan Manuel Santos government. Telesur



2 Replies to “Fighting austerity around the planet.”

    1. For over a year and a half I have posted about the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa normal school in the town of Iguala Mexico. They were kidnapped and probably murdered by narco gangs in collaboration with Mexican government officials.

      None of the usual trolls like you who write to this blog expressed any feelings or concern about these missing students. Not one word.

      Some friends wonder why I let people like you even have a spot on my blog. The comments are usually just stupid and make a perfect foil for snark. And I admit I use you that way.

      But I post this today to show what a bunch low-lifes you and your cohorts really are.

      You don’t care one bit about the people in a Mexican village who had their heads allegedly shaved. They are just political points for you to use to think you’ve scored one on me.

      Like the little kids I used to teach who misbehaved and then said, “Well, he started it,” or “They did it too.”

      43 dead students and not a word from you.
      Selective outrage.

      You are dismissed.

      You turn my stomach.

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