Random thoughts. Echoes of Donald Trump.


The response to Governor Rauner’s “CPS schools are crumbling prisons” remark has been fierce.

The #NotAPrison hashtag has been ubiquitous.

I have to admit that as a retired teacher, parent of CPS students (now grown and gone to be teachers) and a teacher union guy the response surprised me a bit.

After all,  I have a long list of criticisms of CPS administration and governance that stretch back decades. And the words “schools as prisons” may even have entered my vocabulary once or twice.

And I’m not alone, even among many who hash tagged #NotAPrison.

The reaction to the Governor’s description of CPS schools as crumbling prisons came as a result of the political sophistication of Chicago teachers and parents who were well aware of what the Governor was up to.

The political subtext was an attack on public schools – and not just any public schools. Public schools where Black and Brown parents send their children.

They are willing to send their children to crumbling prisons, was what the Governor was saying.

Following his crumbling prisons remark the Governor went on a downstate speaking tour, the centerpiece of which was his opposition to additional dollars for Chicago public schools.

Calling equitable education funding a Chicago bailout, the racial implications echoed the head of his Republican Party, Donald Trump.

In swing downstate legislative districts, “Chicago” is nothing more than racial code.

What next? A call for a wall around Chicago?

12 Replies to “Random thoughts. Echoes of Donald Trump.”

  1. A wall around Chicago? An interesting idea. We could then keep all the money generated here instead of constantly sending it to the rest of the state. Maybe Chicago is getting tired of funding the rest of the state while we get little back for our issues.

    Chicago is the economic engine for Illinois and if the state doesn’t realize that, then maybe we do need to rethink the political organization of this state. Then rauner can be the idiot governor of all parts south of I80. See how he likes that.

    1. There is already a wall around Chicago Fred, it is a one way economic barrier.
      As a former suburban teacher, who lives in Chicago, you should know the reverse
      situation would not be possible.

  2. Rauner is polling worse than Trump so his fake separation is fooling only the national media that reprints any press release it is given. Hillary will win Illinois and Kirk will lose. The GOP has given up this race already. We need to focus on those few contested state races to make Rauner just light his own money on fire. A few are centered around our state universities.

  3. Fred can you look at that NO pension ruling. It. In no way hurts us but it hurts teachers and seems to undermine any contract with a state government. Thanks

  4. Its a win for Trumps buddy.A loss for teachers. The irony is Trump gets a nice pension from SAG.He put the amount in but not a value. Its clearly with over a million. I don’t know if it has a COLA. The NJ teachers don’t have one now either.

  5. I just don’t understand the logic of anyone in government calling schools “crumbling prisons”. Isn’t that sort of like some exec at GM calling GM cars “cheap hunks of junk”? Whatever the truth of the matter, who’s responsible for this alleged state of affairs? Could someone buy Rauner (and Rahm, and Claypool and …) a mirror?

  6. No reflections? What are you talking about Fred? Douchebags have reflections. Oh, you mean blood-sucking vampire. He is actually both, so we are both right.

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