Illinois teacher retired: United Health Care.

Some of you have had a questions regarding United Health Care leaving Illinois.  Please see answer below from Rich Frankenfeld at TRS.

While it is true that United Healthcare recently announced that it is getting out of the ACA (Obamacare) business in Illinois in 2017, it has nothing to do with United HealthCare’s participation in the state-sponsored health care programs for retired state employees and retired teachers.

The state is required to rebid the contracts for health care providers frequently and is currently in the process of doing so.  Central Management Services (CMS) is currently in discussions with the teacher employee groups (IEA, IFT, IRTA, School Administrators, etc.) which is the first step in the process.

However, the Open Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage plans for retired teachers/state employees is next fall — mid-October to mid-November.  Participants will be notified by early September of any changes in benefits and premiums.  Then, participants will have the opportunity to remain with their current carrier or to switch to another carrier.

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