Pop writes from Spain, 1937.

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March 15, 1937

Dear Mom, Pop and family,

This past Friday was my 19th birthday – and was I proud! I’m one of the youngest men up here – that is excluding the Spanish boys themselves. One feels very old when he sees children on 14 and 15 years going to the front lines to fight. And one feels very proud to be part of it all – I can’t really find the words suitable to describe the country. Acres and acres of olives groves and orange groves cover the country. Spain is a very rich country in natural resources, especially agriculture. But the people – the poor Spanish people.

One wonders what has kept the workers and peasants in ignorance and subjugation until now. The worst slum sections of New York are a paradise compared to the living quarters of the working people here.

But those things are coming to an end. They have begun to realize that the labor and sweat that they have put into the soil and the factory entitles them to the right of self-rule, and the right to profit from their labor. At the present time they are heroically fighting and laying down their lives so that the generations to come will have that right, in a free, happy and rich Spain.

When I get back home I’ll be able to tell many an interesting story. But meanwhile that will have to wait.

Don’t be stingy with the stationery. Tell me everything there is to tell. I’m starving for news from you all. Tell me how you all are as far as health is concerned. Especially is Mama and Papa alright? Write a lot about my niece and nephew. And if a new one is on the way. I want to know.

Tell Mac to write about my comrades back home. How is Mr. and Mrs. Glazer? In other words, I want to know everything.

Love to you all.

Your son,


2 Replies to “Pop writes from Spain, 1937.”

  1. Wow, Fred!
    What a great thing to share with those who knew your Dad! I just finished reading a book, “Spain in our hearts” by Adam Hochschildt. If you don’t know it you might find it interesting.

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