7 Replies to “Six wealthy guys who lost billions yesterday.”

  1. Small rough day at the market for the 1%. Things will rebound in their favor. If not, they’ll figure out a way to squeeze it out of the 99%. Some sad games are going on globally.

  2. Ken may be in even bigger trouble…been waiting to bring that up. The SEC approved a new exchange that Will disrupt his tactics maybe a lot….may explain Rauner recent desire for budget. Freds brexit comments were insightful as usual. Its especially notworthy that Hillarious got Hank Paulsons glowing endorsement. I would add if u look at comment sections in UK papers there is a lot of dilike of Germany. I share it it’s personal. Its matched by my fondness for the UK which took in my fleeing family in the 30s . I strangly think of Snowden. He did disclose we are really keeping our ears on Germany. To his credit he didn’t really disclose why. That is the job of the NSA.

    1. 1. You should spell his name right.
      2. Unless you want to really know how much George Souros lost, whoever that is.
      3. Go Google it.

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