4 Replies to “Six U.K. names for Donald Trump.”

  1. Always respected and loved the linguistic skills of the Brits.
    Watching the Parliament and the Prime Minister exchange words on TV is a treat.
    Order!!! Order!!!

  2. Here is a headline from the Washington Post: “A British politician didn’t insult Donald Trump, and people are shocked”

    “British politicians really, really love to insult Donald Trump.
    In a parliamentary debate about banning the American billionaire from the country earlier this year, politicians labeled Trump an “idiot,” a “buffoon,” even a “wazzock.” The new mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has warned that the likely Republican presidential nominee had an “ignorant view of Islam,” while Prime Minister David Cameron has called his comments “wrong.”

    Even likely allies have got in on the fun. Boris Johnson, the brash MP and former London mayor who has some things in common with Trump, has said that the only reason he wouldn’t visit some parts of New York “is the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.” The only well-known British politician to favor Trump, Nigel Farage of the anti-E.U. United Kingdom Independence Party, is a relatively fringe figure in the country and even he has said some of Trump’s comments go “too far.”

    Guess the British are smarter than us.

  3. ‘president’

    The brits did not expect a vote to exit the EU. People are taking it as a warning that the US could elect trump.

    The democratic party knows how to prevent it. I am not sure they have the will to do what it takes.

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