Six Clinton delegates on the Platform Committee who voted against a $15 minimum wage.

6 thoughts on “Six Clinton delegates on the Platform Committee who voted against a $15 minimum wage.

  1. I really became excited when Hank Paulson rather enthusiastically endorsed her….He of Bush and Goldman Sachs ….and bailouts.

  2. How does Hillary expect to win against Trump with supposedly “intelligent” people who, in reality, are so utterly clueless, narrow, and stupid? Have Hillary and her crew learned nothing from Bernie’s challenge? Have they no idea of the income inequality, middle class demise, and the resulting anger seething right under their noses? Mind boggling!!!

    Yesterday, my wife and I gave money to a begging, homeless woman in the middle of Roosevelt Road in Lombard. One or two other drivers did the same. Today, we passed a homeless man sitting with his meager belongings on a bench in downtown Glen Ellyn. He didn’t ask for any money. We didn’t offer him any. He just sat there, resting in the shade of a tree during the heat of the day. We passed him silently. There hasn’t been a time in the last several years in which we haven’t encountered homeless human beings on the sidewalks of downtown Chicago. This in the richest country on Earth, in our “world-class city!”

    Our angry consciences are making our heads explode!!!

  3. I was going to ask for clarification on whether HRC or DWS put these delegates on the committee, but then again, what difference does it make?

    And, did they vote against $15 or just the stepped increases?

    1. The platform supports Hillary’s position that a minimum wage is a state issue. Same as our Governor Rauner.

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