Random thoughts. The “collectivists” at Crain’s.


Although it has been on the air since 2013,  Anne and I have just started watching and are hooked on the TV series The Americans.

It is a totally silly and totally suspenseful story about Russian born spies during the Cold War and Reagan era who look and act totally American, have two normal white American kids living in the suburbs ironically across the street from the FBI’s head of counter-intelligence. They go to work each day and do spy stuff, wearing glasses and wigs to hide their identity and sometimes kill people in service to the homeland.

It seems that Governor Rauner thinks this is a documentary based on Crain’s Chicago Business, which yesterday he called a “collectivist” publication.

“Collectivist” as in Red. As in communist.

That’s because Crain’s ran an editorial which called Rauner’s rule and Turnaround Agenda a failure.

In the Bizarro World of Illinois politics, Crain’s is Pravda.

And paying for Chicago public schools is a bail-out.

“We’re not contemplating bailing CPS out or borrowing on their behalf or loaning them money — even temporarily,” said Molly Poppe, a spokeswoman for the city’s Office of Budget and Management.

“Our focus with investment strategy has always been ensuring that we get the best possible return for our taxpayers while still preserving our prinicipal. Remember, this is our operating dollars. This is how we fund the city of Chicago.”

Summers, a mayoral appointee who is maneuvering to run for mayor in 2019 if Emanuel doesn’t, said he,too, has “no intention of providing any bailout for CPS.”

When The Mayor announced that yesterday he had made the city’s pension payment, I posted on Facebook:

Rahm makes it sound like he has done something special about paying the pension bill that is due. We go to a neighborhood place for dinner on Mondays. We pay when the bill comes. Nobody applauds. It is expected.

Rahm complains that folks in Chicago are punished because we pay pensions twice. Once to the City and another time to the state. Big deal. I pay three times: I paid into my pension fund 9.4% of my gross every paycheck. I paid state taxes and I paid city taxes. So what? Oh, and I paid into Social Security money that I will NEVER get. The problem is that neither the City nor the State has taken what I paid to them and then paid what they owed to the pension funds.

Rahm blames Rauner. Rauner blames Rahm.

Maybe I’ll try that. When the waitress brings the check tonight, I’ll stand up and point to the folks in the next booth and yell, “Give it to them. I’m not paying!”

We will see how that goes.

Last night at dinner we paid the bill. Like we were supposed to.

I didn’t tell Christy, our waitress, that we were bailing her out.

One Reply to “Random thoughts. The “collectivists” at Crain’s.”

  1. The Americans gets progressively less silly as it goes. Apparently all the sex is not accurate to the KGB in America but was a Stasi MO.

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