Call your state senator today. SB2054 is not a Chicago “bailout.” Say no to Rauner’s war on working families.

-From the Chicago Teachers Union

Lawmakers are back in action today. The Senate is scheduled to vote on SB 2054, a PreK-12 budget.

SB2054 is a critical first step in dealing with Chicago Public School’s funding issues.

The bill provides for a $700 million equity grant for the entire state. This is especially important for school districts that stand to lose funding this year.

The Chicago Public Schools is currently dealing with a $1.2 billion operating deficit. By the district’s own estimates, they will need about $941 million to operate the district. SB2054 provides the Chicago Public Schools with about $483 million in funding.

So this means that the district will need about $458 million in additional funding. This funding bill fails to qualify as a “Chicago Bailout.”

Act now! Call your State Senator today and urge them to vote YES on Senate Bill 2054.

Contrary to the Governor’s rhetoric, this funding bill is NOT a Chicago Public Schools Bailout.

Let’s be clear. The money provided to CPS through this bill will not be enough for CPS to pay back the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund, to stop the cuts, or provide the fully-funded schools and wraparound services our students need and deserve.

But winning this funding increase will help pressure City Hall to impose taxes on the rich that are needed for those funds. Click here to remind your alderman that they need to support progressive taxation for the schools our students deserve.

Call your State Senator NOW to make your voice heard.

Tell your Senator:

Our kids shouldn’t be held hostage as part of Rauner’s War on Working Families. Please vote YES on SB2054 to protect our kids and communities!

If you can’t reach your Senator directly, please leave a message.

3 Replies to “Call your state senator today. SB2054 is not a Chicago “bailout.” Say no to Rauner’s war on working families.”

  1. Tough to decide who to blame here isn’t it Fred? You put the thief madigan in charge for a generation and he screws you for a generation so blame the new guy.
    Works for me.

  2. You forgot to mention the union Fred!!!!! No blame there!!!! Want bet they will be paying 7% more????

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