Karen Lewis on sharing the pain.

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Let me count the ways we’ve already given.

2010 – 1200 educators laid off.

$1.2B heist from our pension fund.

2011 – 4% raise, stolen when they had a surplus.

2012 – 20% increase in school day/year without commensurate compensation.

2013 – 52 schools closed, hundreds laid off.

2015 – 100s of special educators laid off. No raises, no steps/lanes.

I’d say we’ve given a lot, not to mention a brutalizing evaluation culture based on voodoo VAM, incessant paperwork and a system so corrupt and vicious, principals and teachers at “good” schools are fleeing the system in droves let alone the so-called crumbling prisons. STOP THE FALSE EQUIVALENCY. CTU MEMBERS HAVE ALREADY GIVEN AND WE GOT OUR TAX BILLS TOO.

-Karen Lewis

4 Replies to “Karen Lewis on sharing the pain.”

  1. Karen Lewis speaks the truth! And the July 1 Bill Maher show points out how taxing the 1% has boosted the California economy, while Kansas, Illinois, and Louisiana still haven’t learned the lesson. Tax the trades in Chicago for a start! Stop pitting sectors of the middle class against each other, with silly talk of pension “reform”.

  2. Taxing the middle class is not the answer. Maybe Rauner does not put his 54mil yearly income back into our economy, but the working people of Illinois spend their earnings. That spending helps create a healthy economy.

  3. Not to forget, 2014 more “turnarounds” despite Indicted and confessed BBB’s promise to not close any more schools for 5 years. And… Please follow the money trail for our new inexperienced ODLSS chief and Minnesotan asst. $178,000 and $175,000 respectively to replace Winston, who decimated SPED staff for Claypool.

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