Trump is pro-Israel but anti-Semitic.

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According to the Washington Post “Donald Trump tweeted an image that came from a June 15 tweet by @FishBoneHead1, an account with a penchant for memes that mock Muslims, black Democrats and more. Trump later deleted the tweet and uploaded it with a circle instead of a red Star of David. (Twitter screengrab) (Twitter screengrab/Twitter screengrab)”

Talking about Donald Trump with old high school friends at a 50th un-official gathering in LA last month was an eye-opener.

Many had parents who had barely escaped from Europe and Hitler’s death camps. Many had close family member who didn’t make it out in time.

Who hasn’t had the conversation with those who have joked about moving to Canada or Belize if Trump is elected?

But the issue of when to leave was not exactly a joke among many of my fellow high school alums.

They spoke from the viewpoint of family history. Although they are the same age as I am and did not witness the events themselves, they have all heard grandma’s stories.

It is not a story handed down from generation to generation. It is only one generation away.

It was surprising in a way. The fascist-style populism of the Trump campaign is obvious. I had detected no obvious anti-Semitism. In fact, Trump’s support for Israel is hardly different from Clinton’s.

How long can an anti-immigrant, race-baiting politician avoid blaming The Jews?

Apparently, not long.

It was so close to the message that Republicans say they want from Donald Trump: a tweet describing Hillary Clinton as “crooked” and the “most corrupt candidate ever,” on the morning that the likely Democratic presidential nominee met with the FBI.

But the image that Trump chose to illustrate his point, which portrayed a red Star of David shape slapped onto a bed of $100 bills, had origins in the online white-supremacist movement. For at least the fifth time, Trump’s Twitter account had shared a meme from the racist “alt-right” and offered no explanation why.


The offending image first appeared in a June 15 tweet by @FishBoneHead1, an account with fewer than 1,000 followers and a penchant for memes that mock Muslims, black Democrats and “cucks” — an alt-right term derived from the word “cuckold,” for people they deem insufficiently conservative. According to Anthony Smith, a reporter for the news site Mic, it was shared June 22 on a racist section of the 8Chan Web forum.

Trump’s official Twitter account shared the image, with no hint of its origin, at 9:37 a.m. Saturday. It came under fire immediately, with Trump critics such as the conservative pundit Erick Erickson accusing him of “play[ing] to the white supremacists.” By 11:19 a.m., the tweet had been deleted, and the image was uploaded again with the star switched out for a circle.

A circle?

On CNN’s “State of the Union,” Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager who is now a paid political analyst, blamed the controversy on “political correctness run amok” and members of the #NeverTrump movement who wanted to hurt the candidate.

“This is a simple star,” Lewandowski said. “It’s the same star that sheriff’s departments across the country use, all over the place, to represent law enforcement.”

A background of dollars and a Star of David.

Sure. A sheriff’s badge. A simple star.

My high school friends will not be assuaged by that explanation.

One Reply to “Trump is pro-Israel but anti-Semitic.”

  1. What can one say about Donald, the Diabolical, that hasn’t been said already? I’ll try. It’s impossible for me to digest that a wasted blob of human DNA like Trump is a presidential candidate. Who’s left for him to insult and alienate? Has he finally hit rock bottom with this shocking insensitivity, if not outright anti-semitism?

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