Not reporting from the NEA RA. Clinton endorsed.

District of Columbia- JULY 5, 2016 – Hillary Rodham Clinton addresses the representative assembly with Lily Eskelsen GarcÌa, President of the National Education Association at the 154th Annual Meeting, 95th Representative Assembly at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center Tuesday July 5, 2016. (SCOTT ISKOWITZ/RA TODAY)

Following her speech to the 8,000 delegates at the National Education Association Representative Assembly, Hillary Clinton received the NEA endorsement for President.

No surprise there.

She received 84% of the delegate vote.

Some friends may have thought there was a larger Bernie contingent. And maybe at one time there was. But no longer. Except for a few boo-birds when Clinton swiftly mentioned charter schools in her speech, she was warmly received.

Her endorsement vote numbers are consistent with past Democrats running for President.

Libertarian teacher union basher Mike Antonucci reported:

The margin exceeds those President Obama received initially (79.8% in 2008) and for re-election (72% in 2011), but short of the margins achieved by John Kerry (86.5% in 2004), Al Gore (89.5% in 2000), and Bill Clinton (91.5% in 1996).

As usual Antonucci is right on the facts even if he wrong on his world view.

Facebook friend Kipp Dawson reacted to a previous blog post of mine:

Well written as always, Fred.

I add this:

An appeal to the wonderful supporters of, and fighters for, our children, our world, our planet:

Hillary Clinton is not, and will not be, our champion, or even our supporter, on education — or on any other major issue facing the people of the USA or the world.

No surprise.

Right now, in November, and after both November and January we need, and history calls on us to continue to build, the movement’s for justice, for our children, for our planet, which hold true promise for a world all people deserve.

Let us not give in to, or be derailed by, fights around the elections that could divide our people against one another.

People who vote for Clinton because they oppose Trump’s crude and open racism, xenophobia, etc., etc. are not an enemy of social justice. People who refuse to vote for Clinton because they just can’t stomach voting for more of the same problems we, and the victims of U.S. policies around the world, struggle with — these people also are not enemies of social justice.

Our real work continues.


I would just add this.

There are plenty of progressives running for down-ticket offices that have a better chance if Trump’s candidacy does well in bringing down the Republican Party in purple and swing states.

And if on the day after the November election Trump and his Party receive a good shellacking, I will have a smile on my face.

Then I will eat a hearty breakfast to gather my energy for the fights to come.

5 Replies to “Not reporting from the NEA RA. Clinton endorsed.”

    1. Yes, I know. But I’m on vacation. And I said that I was not reporting. Unless you are saying I’m doing a great job at not reporting. Or am I not doing a great job of not reporting? Either way.

  1. The Hillary reception at the NEA-RA is phony and sick! Trump is the only reason I’m voting for her. Now, that’s depth of conviction!

  2. There’s no doubt that Hillary is far from ideal. My distaste for her is nothing personal, unlike the Republicans whose hatred of her is deeply visceral. Other than empty slogans or shallow talking points provided by Fox, Limbaugh, or their imitators, Republicans at all levels of their party lack the ability or the courage to provide rational and coherent arguments for their hatred. Arguably, hatred by its very nature is irrational. If the Republican leadership were to attack Hillary for her stands on the issues, conservative as they are, they’d be attacking themselves.

    Ironically, Hillary’s closer to them on a number of salient points on their neoliberal agenda regarding globalization, privatization, labor, education, health insurance and austerity. Certainly, the clues to understanding Hillary are her connection to Wall Street, to corporate America in general (Walmart), her reputation as a “hawk” in foreign affairs, and now in her speech at the NEA-RA in which she at least mentioned or, in some oblique manner, praised charter schools. It troubles me as a Democrat from the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party that she’s the “presumptive candidate” to head the party’s ticket. I base my sharp criticism of Hillary exclusively on differences with her over stands on issues.

    Due to the conservative (corporate) nature of the Democratic leadership (DNC), the American electorate has no options in many races except to vote for the “lesser of two evils.” This is definitely one of those elections in which it’s as true as ever. To vote for the Libertarian Party’s candidate is a vote for Hillary; to vote for Jill Stein is vote for Trump. If I don’t vote at all, I give my vote to the greater of two evils. I dislike this option intensely, but that’s it, basta! My fight with the Democratic leadership establishment continues… Bernie came close… I can’t and I won’t give up the fight!

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