One Reply to “Who will sneak the Graham Crackers to the hungry children?”

  1. It seems like the children are always getting screwed. As our politicians continue to screw the children of America, some politicians quite possibly seem to enjoy screwing children (literally) in other countries. About a year ago, Robert Menendez – Democratic Senator from New Jersey, was being investigated for possible sexual favors he and a doctor friend may have received from very young, teen age prostitutes while on a trip to Central America.

    For some reason, the issue has been hushed and nothing more has been heard about it in the main stream press. Being the good lawyer that most politicians are, Menendez probably knows what it takes to stretch this investigation into the year 3000 with an endless array of continuances, and whatever other techniques lawyers use to stall a case.

    In the mean time Menedez continues to parade around the Senate floor in fine, tailor made suits, with his manicured nails, and his sharp little businessman’s hair cut (tax payer’s dollar). Recently, little Bobby cast his vote in favor of the revised DARK Act that will basically support big-agri companies like Monsanto, as they continue to screw the voters of Vermont into complicating their request to simply have GMO foods labeled.

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