The delusional Pat Quinn. He has learned nothing from his defeat to the worst governor in Illinois history.


John Dillon blogs at Pension Vocabulary. Here John Dillon asks the former Governor Pat Quinn a simple question.

Question:  Was there ever a time after you lost the election that you looked back at your dreadful signing of SB1, the Pension Reform bill that was later found totally unconstitutional on May 8th by the Illinois Supreme Court, that you thought about the over 100,000 teachers and many more public workers who did not and would not vote for you after what you did? People, I must say, like myself – a retired schoolteacher.  Did you ever wonder that you had done the wrong thing?

Pat Quinn: No, John, not at all.  I believe we did the right thing in developing that bill.  We had reached a critical moment in the state’s ability to deal with mounting debt, and we needed to find some way to curtail the expenses we could not meet.  There was nothing that told us that our bill would be found unconstitutional, and we needed to find out whether or not this very necessary step would be acceptable.

(Thought: You mean, the many Illinois Supreme Court antedated cases didn’t concern you?  You mean, you thought Article XIII, section 5 of the Illinois Constitution was legally vaporous?)

Pat Quinn: So you see, John, we had to find out.  And as a governor, I have to tell you I am very proud of my accomplishments while in office to restrain further pension payments.  For example, I signed into law a bill that provided savings of billions of dollars in savings for pension liabilities by changing the terms of pension payments for new hires after the year 2011.  I’m very proud of that.

(Thought:  Are you delusional? You put on the backs of new hires an egregious payment to receive a capped retirement without a compounded COLA at a cost to them that will exceed what the Social Security Administration will consider equivalent to basic Social Security (the Safe Harbor explanation) and Illinois will be on the hook for even more money!)

Pat Quinn: Yes, I think I did my part…

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9 Replies to “The delusional Pat Quinn. He has learned nothing from his defeat to the worst governor in Illinois history.”

      1. Karl,
        I think he was trying but failed to be clever and combined Join Cullerton and Michael Madigan.

  1. The only dem mentioned I like is our current treasurer. He is a pro Union downstater. As to this pension reform….Rauner said it will be the Cullerton cut off arm or leg choice ….Rauner said so. He cliams a billion a year in savings. …..which wil be mythical because it will be declared unconstitutional . Look how stupid Quinn and all these others are is it any wonder that this country is careening to chaos…..

  2. Here’s something for us all, including Pat Quinn:

    1. Quinn was the “accidental governor” (after Blago’s impeachment) whom no one wanted, including Madigan.
    2. Pat Quinn was an awful candidate, perceived by our political class and voting public as a “gadfly” and a “hack.” As a Democratic precinct committeeman in DuPage County, I walked 6 precincts for Democratic candidates between the end of August and the eve of the election during which I only found a handful of Quinn supporters. That was in 2010.
    3. Pat Quinn won the election of 2010 by a hair in a recount against the radical, incompetent, tea bagger, Bill Brady. Quinn should have been able to swat Brady like a mosquito with a big win.
    4. Quinn was no friend of labor. Recall the incident at the Illinois State Fair in 2014 when members of AFSCME booed Quinn off the stage? During a conversation I had with one of Quinn’s top campaign managers, this guy made a disrespectful and sarcastic comment about AFSCME. Friend of labor??? My eye!!!
    5. I heard Lou Lang in a recent interview with Dick Kay on WCPT’s “Back on the Beat” admit that he knew that SB 1 would be declared unconstitutional. My safe guess is that all the proponents of SB 1, including Pat Quinn, knew that it would be declared unconstitutional. (Interesting thing is that Lou Lang, when asked about how the high court would rule on the constitutionality of SB 1 at a legislative breakfast in Hoffman Estates in March of 2014, responded that he “felt that the Illinois Supreme Court would uphold its constitutionality. Huh???)

    Pat Quinn repeated the same BS about his “proud” record including SB1 and Tier II employee pensions that John Dillon reported. Quinn also forgot to mention how, through his efforts in 1980 with his “cutback amendment, he changed Illinois’ political climate for the worst.


    Furthermore, SB 1, had the high court declared it constitutional, would not have put a dent into the “unfunded liability” because benefits aren’t the problem. Even Elaine Nekritz admitted that SB 1 would over a period of time only yield $20 billion. How would that deal with $112 (?) billion of the State’s debt? The problem, to repeat it for the umpteenth time, is not with benefits; it’s our legislators and governors using the five pension systems for decades as a “credit card” to make up for shortfalls in the Illinois budget caused by an antiquated, regressive state system of taxation that never provided enough revenue to run Illinois’ services.



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