5 Replies to “He’s back.”

  1. Dang! When your e-mail came in titled, “He’s Back “, I was hoping you were talking about Bernie Sanders. Instead, you were talking about the clueless individual who thought it might be kind of cool to bring back Paul Vallas, especially for all of the teachers here in Chicago who have so many fond memories of Paul.

    Quinn’s bringing Vallas to the ticket is kind of like Hillary bringing her Monsanto lobbyist friend to her election team.

  2. Gov. Pat “Herpes” Quinn.
    Remember that he said “God put him on this earth” to cut pensions. He and ISIS use the same argument for why they must stay in power. This man is all about himself and his dedication to his own income. He is living proof that (D) or (R) after a politician’s name has become meaningless.
    Rauner became governor because people already knew what a destructive politico Quinn was and is. Rauner did not win the election; Quinn and Vallas lost the election.

  3. I hope the unions have the brains to get behind somebody early. I like the treas. Frerichs. Met him once . Always been with labor. Anyone else all these Chicago names seem like jokes likw Quinn…or his buddy Vallas….anyone else….We could use some even minimally non insane leadership …..with all that is going on but there is no hope nationally

  4. Can’t he just quietly fade off into the sunset, or does he intend, w/his petitions for mayoral term limits, to run for mayor?
    Get a life, Pat…& leave us alone!

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