Keeping retirement weird. Trumpence a bag.

Mary Poppins sings Trumpence a Bag.

Recent polls show Donald Trump polling zero among African Americans.

He could be getting less than zero, if you count the margin of error. The poll suggests that not one African American in all of Ohio and Pennsylvania will admit that they are voting for Trump.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is not positioned to improve on those numbers. What Pence brings to the ticket is the anger of retirees. Anger at Pence. See, Pence’s record in Congress is one of voting against Social Security and Medicare.

He calls them entitlements. 

Entitlements is one of those loaded words that makes it seem as if we are getting a freebie.

The Alliance for Retired Americans is just one of the organizations who this week did a spit take when Trump finally, finally, finally decided on Pence.

The ARA gives Pence a 22% rating. They consider him anti-senior.

The good news for Trump is that Pence’s rating isn’t zero.

The conventional wisdom is that old angry white guys are Trump’s core constituency.


Pension activists. Here you have (from left) Bob Zahniser, John Dillon, Bob Lyons, this blogger and Glen Brown celebrating the first anniversary of the Illinois Supreme Court’s broad ruling in defense of the constitution’s pension protection clause. Missing from the photo is Ken Previti. He lives in Florida.

There are many others missing from this photo as well. Men and women, retired teachers of every nationality and race, who battled for our pension rights and who never considered it an entitlement. We considered it earned compensation guaranteed by law.

If Trump thinks adding a senior-basher like Mike Pence is the way to broaden his base, he has it wrong. Just add us to immigrants, people of color, women, the LGBT community – you know – those who make up the majority of Americans who will be voting no in November.

By the way. Speaking of Glen Brown.

Glen Brown’s blog has been the go-to source for Illinois retirees for five years.

Yesterday he hit a million site visits.

He is our version of the jail house lawyer. He knows more about pension law than any high-priced LaSalle Street attorney.

Unlike the lawyers, the politicians and too many union leaders, he not only addresses the law, he writes continuously about the moral obligation of a pension promise.

Moral obligation.

I once heard an IEA leader call Glen naive. That’s all the proof you need.

10 thoughts on “Keeping retirement weird. Trumpence a bag.

  1. Touching Social Security will result in pitchforks and muskets, any pol knows that. Payments to retirees need to be made as promised, right Fred?

    It will be an interesting election Fred. As a friend of mine said “I only have one word to day about the election Brexit”. Remember that almost 3 million Brits came out of nowhere unexpedely and voted.
    Polls were wrong and even the London bookies were wrong. Just saying.

    So Fred, tell us who you are for instead of being so darn negative.

    Off to smoke a brisket and drink some long neck Dixie beer.

    Have a good Saturday.


    1. I’m positive! I’m positively voting against Trump and Pence. By the way, Dixie beer is piss water.

  2. Thank you to the relentless “team” of pension activists who make it possible for so many of us to sleep at night knowing you are on the case. So many benefit from your work and steadfast dedication.

  3. I echo Ann’s sentiment. I have learned so much from the “pension gurus” and I pass along their information to my district’s retirees. We appreciate their facts, hard work and humor as well as Fred’s drawings.

  4. Propaganda has led many people to confuse entitlement with sense of entitlement. A visit to the dictionary would correct that error, but too few bother and the error persists.

  5. Hey, Pence! Will seniors forgive and forget your record? God grants forgiveness, and elephants forget assaults more easily that seniors forget assaults. I am neither God nor a forgetful elephant. Go pence yourself!

  6. That is why I hated that pension is a promise slogan.It is an earned contract. Social Security and Medicare are social insurance. Actual welfare is just crumbs despite the propoganda.

  7. SS is an INSURANCE contract!!!
    The GOP have had their hands in America’s retirement cookie jar for too long…that they now feel ‘entitled’ to steal most if not all of it… to help their 1% friends. It is a drop in the bucket too. If they want to save money, look at the over spending military adventures, and raising the Rich’s taxes 1% or 2%. They’ll hardly notice.

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