I’m not a Democrat and pension theft is a bipartisan effort.


Not every Democrat is our friend.

A friend wrote me the other day to share his confusion about my opposition to Republican Donald Trump and his brown shirt movement.

I don’t care who you vote for. I just want to see the largest popular and electoral vote possible to defeat the Republican Donald Trump.

“This seems the opposite of the position you took in the race for governor where you pulled your support for Democrat Pat Quinn and, of course, Rauner won. Can you explain why that then and this now?”


There are lots of things that are different about these two races.

As I have written, the Trump campaign represents an alliance between a section of Wall Street banksters and a racist brown-shirt street movement, visible at any Trump rally. That alliance is one we have seen before in history. The candidate that speaks for them is our main enemy in this election. It threatens what democracy we have in this country. It is a movement that incites government harassment and street violence against those who are not native born and people of color.

When Pat Quinn and Illinois Democrats went after public employee pensions, we told them that if they voted to violate the constitution in that way that they would not receive our votes in the next election. What other recourse did we have? We followed through on that promise and Pat Quinn lost because of the defection of Democratic Party voters from voting for the top of the ticket.

I am not a Democrat. I don’t vote for just anyone the Democrats tell me to vote for.

In Illinois, pension theft is a bipartisan crime: Rahm and Rauner. Madigan and Cullerton.

This week I am posting about Trump and the Republicans. Next week is the Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia. I’ll be posting about their stuff.

Meanwhile here in Illinois the bipartisan attack on pensions continues. Part of the budget compromise worked out between Rauner and the Democrats included a promise to return to what they call pension reform.

I call it pension theft.

Rahm Emanuel, part of the Clinton team, wants the city unions to bargain a reduction in pension benefits.

Democratic Senate President John Cullerton thinks that is a thing.

The week after the Democratic Party Convention I will be joining Ken Davis on his cable access show Chicago Newsroom to talk about pension theft.

I will post the video here.

One Reply to “I’m not a Democrat and pension theft is a bipartisan effort.”

  1. I once testified at a hearing before a judge to have our school district’s business manager fired. (He was fired and so was the superintendent shortly after.) The business manager’s attorney asked me questions, and I answered them in detail. He then asked me a few short questions to which I gave lengthy answers.
    He pretended to (or actually did) lose his temper, asked a question, and yelled in my face to answer yes or no. I burst out laughing, turned to the judge and said, “Is this guy kidding? Yes or No? Do I have to continue with this?” The judge was having a hard time not laughing, but he actually answered by saying, “Just answer the questions honestly.”
    I turned to the lawyer, who by then really was pissed, and answered, “NO! No, I cannot answer that question yes or no.” The judge at that point laughed along with me and our attorney.
    So what?
    Many people feel that if one side of an issue is bad for them, the other side must be good for them. Remember this old quotation? “There are two sides to every argument.” Nonsense.
    The actual sentence was “There are at least two sides to every argument.” In regard to our pensions, Republicans and Democrats are thieves and liars. Both political parties are comprised as thieves and liars regarding our pensions. A bunch of wealthy thieves and liars are influencing (or own) media sources who are paid to repeat what the thieves and liars want people to believe.
    So, who has our backs?
    We have our backs. We are not alone. We are outnumbered, but we are not alone. Refuse to be willing victims. You do. I do. Lots more of us do. We know the corruption we call government is against us. We do what we can with what we’ve got. We are all in this together.

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