Random thoughts. This is not an election over who is a friend of Wall Street.


The news out of Cleveland yesterday was that a norovirus was spreading among delegates and staffers. A norovirus causes vomiting and diarrhea.

Newt Gingrich also spoke.

And, of course, Ted Cruz.

Reports  the N.Y. Times.

At a downtown barbecue joint, lobbyists cheerfully passed out stickers reading “Make Lobbying Great Again” as they schmoozed on Monday with Republican ambassadors, lawmakers and executives. At a windowless bar tucked behind the Ritz-Carlton hotel, whose rooms were set aside for the party’s most generous benefactors, allies of Mr. Trump pitched a clutch of receptive party donors on contributing to a pro-Trump “super PAC.”

And from Slate:

“Trump has told prospective donors that, if elected president, he plans to nominate former Goldman Sachs banker Steve Mnuchin for U.S. Treasury Secretary.” Currently, Mnuchin is a hedge fund CEO, as well as Trump’s chief fundraiser.

Again, from The Times:

And on Tuesday night, as Republican delegates formally made Mr. Trump their presidential nominee, a few dozen lobbyists and their clients instead sipped gin and munched on Brie puffs in an oak-paneled room at the Union Club. They had come to witness a more urgent presentation: Newt Gingrich, a top Trump adviser and Beltway fixture, painting an upbeat picture of the deals they could help sculpt on infrastructure projects and military spending in the first hundred days of a Trump administration.

No surprise, Trump’s campaign is an alliance we have seen in history before.

Wall Street banksters and brown-shirt fascists at rallies and in the streets.

I wish we were voting on the power of Wall Street. Not in this election.

But a massive popular vote and electoral defeat for Trump will be a punch in the nose of those  brown shirts.

7 Replies to “Random thoughts. This is not an election over who is a friend of Wall Street.”

  1. Fred,
    Trump doesn’t need wall street for anything. I think he actually scares them a little.
    The Hildebeast on the other hand can’t take her eyes of that fistful of cash they keep holding out, smiles, says thank you then turns around looks us in the eye and lies to us all.

    What a freaking choice. One doesn’t read, the other doesn’t tell the truth.

    1. I don’t think you need to worry about the GOP civil war going on. I’d like the fight in the Democratic Party to heat up some more. Bernie was a good start. Build on that.

  2. Yes I am hoping he keeps his organization …..it may help strengthen spines. I think most dems lean that way but they are pols and if there us no breeze from the left they will shift with the right wind. After the Cruz event the republican civil war may go to actual shooting

  3. The MIC and Wall Street are banking on HRC. Even Robert Kagan understands that the empire has a better chance with her, and is denouncing Trump. Watch Wall Street run to HRC in the coming months, esp. after she picks her VP.

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