Rauner: A quick glimpse and confirmation.


-John Dillon. John blogs at Pension Vocabulary.

(Given recent events, a revised blog from February)

On his way to seek what he believed to be his earned right as consul of Rome, businessman Marcus Crassus had the Appian Way adorned with the crucified bodies of slaves who had been bold enough to revolt: exactly one hundred and seventeen paces between each, seventeen crucifixions per mile on either side, six thousand suffering souls along three hundred and fifty miles of roadway.

 Twenty of the slaves were held up along the march to Rome, so they could construct the crosses, unseen by their fellows marching ahead.  After they were done with their toil, they were crucified. 

 Like today’s business-savvy politicians, he well knew the importance of coercive control and hidden agendas. The last thing Crassus wanted was another revolt, another Spartacus – a cornered adversary. 

Now, according to released emails in which Rauner characterized CPS principals and “managerially incompetent” and instructors as “illiterate,”  his spokesperson Lance Trover has been forced to admit that the governor’s thoughts were hasty or intemperate or even “inaccurate.”  If you are a public school teacher – especially in Chicago – it’s kind of like the dutiful Roman soldier dealing with a horrified group of captives who had happened to look back too soon. 

And now it’s out.  Hidden tantrums and vicious slanders between Rauner and his wealthy advisors/friends – Zell, Pritzker, Emanuel, Griffin, etc.  A man who has accidently uncloaked his naked, venomous aversion for all things public – schools, workers, human services. 

Read the entire post here.

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