One Reply to “Baltimore States Attorney Marilyn Mosby on the case of Freddie Gray.”

  1. If you really think about it, the problem of racism and all of the misunderstandings related to race can best be addressed through our educational system. If we had good schools (for all) in our inner-cities, young people would be taught the root of America’s racism, slavery. A good teacher would be able to explore the topic and initiate ideas that would address the problem as it has evolved to where we are now.

    When I first started teaching, I was shuffled back and forth to schools that were either all white or all black. There were other pockets with Hispanic and Asian students. I never was sent to any of those schools, however. Then one day I got transferred to a school in the Scottsdale neighborhood on the southwest side of town. That school was a melting pot of Asian, Black, Hispanic, Arab, and Caucasian children. It was a beautiful mix. Children would come to school with some of their parents views rooted in their young minds. There was some hatred and also some love. There were fights and some name calling, but eventually most of the students learned to get along with each other. Even though the city was racially divided for the most part, these beautiful children learned to exist together in harmony. Perhaps, if our schools were structured so that there is an ethnic mix like the one I just mentioned, these children would work their way into adulthood with a better understanding of how we can all get along.

    Of course this will take money and resources. I doubt if Rahm and Rauner will be interested in helping us all out in that department.

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