Random thoughts. Rahm’s toast.


I watched the DNC raw feed last night. I wasn’t interested in any talking heads explaining to me what I was seeing or what I heard.

I am not going to review the speeches. Content aside, speaking ability aside – I must say I don’t understand what Tim Kaine brings to this campaign other than a video of constantly changing bad haircuts – the Democrats seemed to understand that they should stop talking about Russian emails and get back to their game plan.

My favorite moments were when delegates chanted No More War to Leon Panetta – which apparently displeased Rachel Maddow, I am told – and the video intro to President Obama.

Go to 2:30 of the video.

It shows Rahm Emanuel and quotes him as advising President Obama not to pursue the Affordable Care Act.

You want evidence that Rahm Emanuel is toast?

The Obama people chose to screw Emanuel by name in the video.

I know there is no love lost between the Obama people and Rahm.

There are plenty of reports that Michelle can’t stand him.

But in the prime time intro to the President’s endorsement speech of Hillary Clinton, Rahm – who had no other presence at the Convention – was called out by name for being a cowardly dick with no political principles. It’s not like there aren’t others they could have named. They chose to name him.

Don’t let the door hit you, Mr. Mayor.

3 Replies to “Random thoughts. Rahm’s toast.”

  1. Now if we can just get Barrack and the others to denounce Monsanto (the real world terrorists) and other big agri corporations who are trying to shove GMO’s down our throats, despite what the American people vote for. These corporations recently stuck it to the people of Vermont through the revised DARK Act.

    I hope everybody noticed that Bill Clinton was sitting next to Tom Vilsack, a huge Monsanto shill, throughout the evening.

  2. God, I can’t stand to listen to Cory Booker and his “ability to work across the aisle” anymore. In a moment of convention giddiness, he boasted that he “could even work with the Koch Brothers.” Gag me, Cory! Did he mean “WITH the Koch Brothers” or “FOR the Koch Brothers?” Cory almost had an orgasm while swooning about “Hillary’s (and his) pragmatism.” Rahm is a total a******, while Cory is just a big pain in the a**.

    Did Cory provide a hint that “Hillary’s pragmatism” is just another name for Barack Obama’s 2009 D.O.A. “bipartisanship?” Obama is still spitting the sand out of his mouth that Republicans have been kicking into his face for nearly eight years. How would Hillary deal with likely Republican congressional majorities? With her “pragmatism?” Good Luck!!! Hillary not only needs to take on Trump, but the entire Republican Party. She can start with Flint, Michigan as an example of Republican governance. Got that, Cory???

    We’re stuck with Hillary. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Trump. A vote for Gary Johnson is, I think, a vote for Hillary, though I’m not always sure. The Supreme Court, the environment, and possibly civilization are at stake. The fight against the neoliberal crap that both Republicans and the Democratic establishment have crammed down our throat for years continues… Bernie began the fight and will continue it. He’ll have my support. In the meantime, Cory Booker, you’re a neoliberal toady and a big, fat idiot!!!

  3. Rahm watched at least one night of the convention with HRC & Bill in their family suite. So I’m not so sure he’s going to be a pariah just yet. [But thanks for the moment of schadenfreude, Pres. Obama!]

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