3 Replies to “The Americans.”

  1. I was once a Republican even a local official but I could never be one of those rah rah party types. There is nothing left of my old liberal wing so I was kicked out. I vote for a lot of dems but gee. They are trying to make crazy. Don the peace candidate……….I just don’t get Obama and Hillary….We can’t put a tariff on China but we can threaten actual war with them over the south China sea. I am really lost . I am glad somebody else is seeing how crazy this is. Thanks Fred.

  2. I was thinking…and I shouldn’t but with another Russian hack (Is her speech bad?)tonight ….if Trump or his campaign manager are the Americans the NSA should know because it legally can snoop on foreign conversations. So shouldn’t we be able to wrap this on. Well back to James Bond. I don’t watch conventions.

  3. Brilliant, Fred!
    I guess “the vast right-wing conspiracy” was overused & has passed its expiration date, so now this…

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