AARP’s membership in ALEC is no joke.


Me and my bro protesting ALEC in Chicago.

When I turned fifty – that was eighteen  years ago – I remember getting my unsolicited AARP membership card in the mail. I recall thinking it was funny. A rite of passage. Me? AARP?

Reading that AARP is a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is not a joke.

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 9.25.52 AM.jpg

It is true that aside from a brief two years when we bought AARP’s auto road side assistance plan, we have never viewed the organization as much more than an insurance vendor.

Yet they claim to represent 37 million seniors as members.

Can you represent the interests of seniors and be a member of a leading pro-corporate lobbying organization as the same time.

If you are a member of AARP, you may want to let them know that they can’t represent you and ALEC at the same time.


8 Replies to “AARP’s membership in ALEC is no joke.”

  1. Thanks for pointing this one out!

    And to make matters even worse, the Koch Brothers have their own AARP like front called 60 Plus Association. It has been involved in funding independent expenditures in some of the most right-wing elections and referendum, including campaigns to limit school funding and attack teachers.

    It is beyond disgusting that AARP is part of ALEC and I will be calling to cancel my membership.

  2. Fred,
    AARP should never be viewed as anything other than just another vendor to review when you are buying services.
    Generally they will grade “middle of the road” or worse when viewed on a level playing field with their competition.

    Since when is pro business automatically anti everything else?

    jivin clyde back from summer vaca

  3. They keep sending me 90-day free trial memberships with a temporary card and all. They repeat the offer every year. Every once in a while I will get a discount on a hotel or restaurant, but it doesn’t amount to much unless you travel a lot. What made me decide to never actually join them was their position on public pensions. They are in favor of forcing all public employees into social security. When I called them about their attitude was, 1) “we represent ALL retirees, and the good of the many outweigh the few”, and 2) “talk to the hand”.

  4. A = Alec
    L = Lobbying
    E = equals
    C = Corruption
    …and Thom Hartmann echoes your assessment that AARP is just an insurance company.

    If AARP truly represents seniors, it ought to lobby for full funding of public pensions; and for lifting the present $113,000 payroll tax cap on Social Security and to cap it at a minimum of $200,000.

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