This week I will join Ken Davis on Chicago Newsroom.

Now that the RNC and DNC are over and analyzed by the experts on Chicago Newsroom, I will be joining Ken Davis on his great show this Thursday.

I think this is my fourth appearance. Pretty soon I will start getting good at this.

He may ask some questions about the craziest presidential election ever, but I’m hoping and expecting that we will spend some time talking about the latest attack plans in Springpatch called pension reform.

If so, I will try to make it sexy.

I ran into a young friend  of mine the other day – a teacher from Detroit. He reads my blog but admits that when I write about pensions he skips over to the other stuff on what is going on at CPS and other topics.

This is totally expected. Why on earth would a young educator in their twenties be even thinking about their retirement?

It is understandable and to the  great political advantage to the politicians in Springpatch. The hundreds of thousands of families in Illinois who depend mainly on their retirement benefits – no Social Security – as their source of income in their retirement years should be a potent political voting bloc. We are spread out across every legislative district in the state. Yet, we are poorly organized to assert this political power.

Part of the budget compromise worked out between Governor Rauner,  Repugs and Dems in Springfield is to once again address pension reform. The Supreme Court’s May, 2015 ruling reaffirming the pension protection clause of the Illinois Constitution seems not to be a deterrence.

So. I’m hoping that Ken and I get to talk about this.

If you don’t live in Chicago and can’t watch public access CAN TV, I will be posting the show later Thursday on this blog.

In the meanwhile, here is last week’s show:


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