3 Replies to ““Get that baby out of here.””

  1. The sat moderate…Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania was rather enjoying this because he had been threatened by purists like Ryan the Kochsters and the counties and now Ryan was getting a taste of his own medicine. On another tangent …would Obama say that all the Illinois pension thrives leave because they have no respect for the constitution….would he ?Then I heard Bill Daley say something similar about an unratified trade scheme…yet he bazenly advocated a violation of his own constitution. If these jokers all want to know who created Donald Trump they need to look in the mirror…Mr Dent seems to be getting it.

  2. I’m only surprised that Trump hasn’t called Ryan the “Eddie Munster look-alike.” Doesn’t he remind y’all of Eddie Munster? (It’s the first thought that popped into my head the first time I saw him!)

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