4 Replies to “Corporate reformer Peter Cunningham asks. I answer.”

    1. Hmmm. Let’s see. Raise the income tax on the one percent? On Corporations? Hey. Here’s one: Take it from the Defense Department! One less bomber could do it.

  1. What works this guy asks? Try the National Defense and Education Act (NDEA-1958), Johnson’s Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) as models and starters. How about a graduated rate income tax for Illinois, get rid of TIF districts, and yes, — corporate taxes, including a transaction tax on LaSalle Street. You’re right about the bloated Defense Department budget. Drop the idiotic neoliberal fraud that characters like this so-called reformer promote. The problem is revenue and investment. What does this guy need to know?

    1. What you said, Karl.
      But this guy, Cunningham, hasn’t gotten on message yet, & doubtful he ever will.
      BTW–a little off-thread, but have read Chris Hedges (whom I’ve always found prescient), & what he’s said/saying is now all coming to pass. Really scary, but onward we must continue. (If reading him is too heavy for some–& it is–he has a show on RT–“On Contact w/Chris Hedges”–Saturdays, 4:30, 6:30 & 10:30 PM CT. Also, probably, on YouTube.)

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