Random thoughts. Americans reject Trumpism.


The presidential election is still three months away and I never underestimate the skill Democrats have at grabbing defeat from the jaws of victory. It is the cost of their political cowardice.

But this morning’s polls all say the same thing.

Let me walk that back.

Polls don’t say anything. Like all numerical data, we must try and make meaning from the data.

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 6.50.49 AM

American voters are rejecting Trumpism.

The conventional wisdom is that voters don’t begin paying attention to the November election until after Labor Day.

As so many have pointed out, this election can’t be looked at with conventional wisdom.

Trump is not conventional.

Bernie is not conventional.

People are paying attention now. And by every measure they don’t like what they see in Donald Trump.

His chauvinism. His hatred for immigrants. His debasement of women. His business acumen.

I say business acumen because how different is his con than what passes for everyday business practices? What has he done that Wall Street doesn’t do every day? What has he done that hasn’t made Bruce Rauner a multi-millionaire?

If we shine a light on it, people are repulsed.

So, this is good. Let Trump be Trump and watch his poll numbers continue to fall. And by no means should he quit the race. Run, Donald run! 

Some Repugs are calling for an intervention to try and shut The Donald up. I would suggest the same for Hillary.

If Hillary Clinton thinks the rejection of Trumpism is a mandate for her brand of Democratic Party politics, she is badly mistaken.


4 Replies to “Random thoughts. Americans reject Trumpism.”

  1. The polls may look like Trumpism is being rejected today, but I still think we are one ISIL attack away from a big swing towards Trump at some point. Three months is a long time in a presidential election year. I wish I could be more sanguine about my fellow Americans, but the frightful combination of racism and despair we are witnessing in the nation now makes me fear for the result. In addition, the fact that the only other choice is Hillary is totally godawful and uninspiring. If she does win, we need to hold her accountable. Constantly.

  2. Fred,
    I think they are rejecting Trump, the narcissistic jerk, not necessarily “Trumpism”, the political outsider saying some of the things abut the current state of affairs that even some Dems think but are afraid to say.
    I reject the wall, but think we need some control over our borders. Trump vs. Trumpism.

    By the way Fred, why can Canada, a bastion of liberalism, seem to manage immigration , apparently to the satisfaction of a majority of the citizenry?

  3. Rauner made all his money from our pension funds. I agree with what you said about crooked business practices. I just like to take every opportunity that Rauner Mr Koch free market made all his 💰 off the government.

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