We get letters. Trump and Trumpism.



I think they are rejecting Trump, the narcissistic jerk, not necessarily “Trumpism,” the political outsider saying some of the things about the current state of affairs that even some Dems think but are afraid to say.

I reject the wall, but think we need some control over our borders. Trump vs. Trumpism.


Dear Anonymous,

To be clear, the control over our borders issue is a hoax. The Obama administration has deported more people than either Bill Clinton or Bush.

In fact, more and more Mexican citizens than ever are crossing the border and returning to Mexico.


I say unfortunately because Mexican immigration has saved the City of Chicago.

However, you raise a good question. Does Trump’s collapse in the polls represent a rejection of Trump or a rejection of Trumpism?

I think a little of both. There is the message and the messenger. The messenger may not be very palatable. But to a growing number of people, neither is the message.

The Republican scam now is for the Repugs to distance themselves from the wounded messenger.  But not so the message.

Hold them accountable. They own that message and have for years, going back to at least when Reagan planned his racist Southern Strategy.

They should not be allowed to turn Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, John Kasich or John McCain into moderates. The Repug Establishment is angry with Trump because he let the cat out of the bag.

There has always been plenty of Repug Trumpism before Trump.

And, frankly, we can find plenty of Trumpism on the Democratic side as well.

It is not just Trump that needs to go down in November. We need to deal a blow to Trumpism too.


2 Replies to “We get letters. Trump and Trumpism.”

  1. As a teacher, I LOVE Clinton’s political ad showing Trump swearing, making fun of people, and insulting those with different views. After each meltdown, the ad shows kids around 10 and under looking puzzled about what he is saying. I know my colleagues and I teach about respect each and every day, and the kids are obviously confused about the potential president doing exactly what they have been told is not appropriate. The ad ends with, “The children are watching.” Darn right they are! I know I don’t want a whole generation of little Trumps wreaking havoc in my classroom each day!

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