13 thoughts on “CPS school layoff list.

  1. What this further results in, if a principal can work the budget to retain positions, is little to NO money left for basic supplies… That is unless you serve in a school community that can fund raise. Grateful to not be cut, but what am I returning to with those cuts? Wonderful informed people with whom I talk are still amazed that I supply the pencils and much more. Maybe if our police needed to purchase their own bullets?

  2. CPS is claiming most (60%) teachers will be rehired.
    But…..teacher salaries now come out of the school budgets as opposed to the central office budget.
    So, principals will be forced to hire younger, less experienced, lower-salaried nontenured teachers as opposed to older, more experienced, higher salaried tenured teachers.
    We are losing an entire generation of classroom experience.
    Is there a civil rights lawsuit here?

    This is also a set-up to drive a wedge between current teachers and retirees.

  3. An Illinois court ruled that public school teachers are not eligible for unemployment compensation if they are “reasonably assured of employment”. However, if you have been laid off, you are eligible. By delaying the announcement of the lay-offs, CPS cheated each employee out of several months of unemployment comp. Normally, a laid-off teacher is eligible for compensation the day after his/her last day of work.

  4. I am a retired CPS teachers. This situation didn’t happen overnight. We’ve been faced with financial woes for decades. The monies allocated are mismanaged on all levels from the leaders downtown to the classroom teachers. Has anyone addressed the millions of dollars spent moving the board offices several times? One point was relocating the Board’s offices to West Pershing Rd. The structure was purchased for $1. However thousands of dollars were spent to remodel, renovate and restructure only to move back downtown (where parking is a pain) leaving the Pershing Rd. structure empty. Also, we pay the Archdiocese millions of dollars to rent their closed schools for our charter schools. What’should with that? Isn’t there suppose to be a separation of state & religion? The money is there. Is it enough? I believe if independent investigators went through the books they’d find more money. Maybe not enough but more to spend wisely. Is the city going to sell, or tear down, those closed schools in various neighborhoods? There’s money but not being approperated wisely.

  5. The court ruled against your position. A teacher who knows he is laid off next season is eligible for unemployment comp starting the day after his work year ends.

  6. I would be interested in seeing the number of students pre vs post cut. Are these pisitions lost due to lower enrollment numbers? Last year, our school lost 3 units due to low enrollment, and this year we are gaining a unit with an increased enrollment. Yes, it totally sucks to lose teachers, but if the numbers aren’t there, they aren’t there.

    1. My school is down about 50 kids, but we lost 7 people. It’s not all just about enrollment numbers. That’s 2 classrooms at most.

  7. This is why chicago is all screwed up.Education means nothing for inner city kids. The Mayor, Governor, and Chicago politicians their kids go to private schools. Who cares about the Citizens and their families that voted for these. Greedy politicians.

  8. Bullshit Bullshit and MORE Bullshit! Teachers work hard in CPS ! Their safety is jeapordized more and more due to new rules to STOP OR PREVENT SUSPENSION, ALREADY. Teachers deal with an uprise in students with various mental illnesses, students inflicting self-injuries, students NOT reporting to schools to LEARN when they don’t want to. There are NO LAWS to track student attendance. Teachers have to buy supplies and other needful things for students. I have seen it. Charter Schools have been blogged about cheating on scores to keep their doors open while regular teachers toil and tread to teach the children. And if they don’t meet certain SCORES teachers risk thei careers. And as for Church and State, please please!!! I don’t think people in charge even know the factions are different. Stop firings teachers! It is cruel and unjust!!! Get it together- SAVE THE TEACHERS WHO EDUCATE THE WORLD. Allow them to BORROW FROM THE ATHLETES- OPEN MORE SCHOOLS AND PLACES FOR THE CHILDREN TO BE ENTERTAINED! They need Activity Centers or recreational places!! They are children. The children NEED THE ADULTS TO HELP THEM TO GROW LEARN AND TO BECOME PRODUCTIVE CITIZENS! Thank God for the Karen lady! She should run for PEESIDENT OF THE US-

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