The Trump-o-meter.


The other day I posted and tried to draw a distinction between Donald Trump and Trumpism.

Watching Donald Trump collapse in the polls, at least for the moment, isn’t good enough.

A defeat for Donald Trump in November, while being satisfying, will not do the trick.

I’m looking for a major set-back for Trumpism.

I’m talking the movement, not just the man.

White supremacy, anti-immigrant super-patriotism, America First brown-shirt bully-boy politics, the debasement of women and capitalist profits above all else.

These are just some of the characteristics of Trumpism.

While most Repugs and some Democrats share these views, Trump has not been the best salesman of late.

So when I hear Trumpism from any politician, I will rate it on the Trump-o-meter. Maybe post it with our little measurement tool down in the corner.

Just part of looking at the data.

One thought on “The Trump-o-meter.

  1. Trumpism dumps the religoius element and it does limit profits on trade and corpoate deindustrializtion. That is the only overlap I find with Sanders type progressivism.Otherwise it massive tax cuts for the rich….no health care ..climate denial and so on. But there are restrictions like trade that make him different and disliked by the Raunerite Koch clique. While to many it might not be much but the GOP is now a collection of absolutist cliques. This us good because I expect constant internicene warfare. Perhaps you could put out the hate mail and we can have fun sortiing to which ideology it belongs…Trumpism….fundie……Raunerite and so on.

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