The Sunday Times.


After the killing of Paul O’Neal, a CPD high five.


What’s striking about the trend is not Hillary Clinton’s rise — typically, candidates get a boost from their nominating conventions, and the Democrat’s post-convention increase of about five percentage points is only slightly above average.

More significant is the scope and breadth of Trump’s decline. A week in which he has repeatedly generated controversies that have dismayed fellow Republicans has wiped out virtually all the gains Trump made as a result of the GOP convention. Los Angeles Times




If you look at a map of school boundaries in the area just north of downtown Chicago, you’ll start noticing something.

“Cabrini’s been carved out,” says Lori Smedley, a parent at Ogden International, a public school built in 2009.

Ogden is one of the best public schools in the city and the school and its boundary encompasses high-rise condo buildings downtown, tony mansions in the Gold Coast, and even gentrifying areas just west of the Chicago River.

There’s another public school just seven blocks away. The children living where the massive Cabrini-Green public housing development once stood are assigned to that one–Jenner Academy of the Arts. It is segregated, serving mostly low-income, black children. Becky Vivea, WBEZ



Chicago Public Schools officials were giving principals some relatively good budget news on Wednesday: no layoffs or big program cuts.

“Whew. We were definitely nervous. We were definitely very anxious about what could have been very catastrophic cuts,” said Dr. Leviis Haney, principal of Joseph Lovett Elementary School in the Galewood neighborhood.

Haney said his school and others have been told their budgets will be tight, but not crippling.

Between briefings with principals, CPS chief executive officer Forrest Claypool told reporters the state’s budget deal, which allows for a property tax hike and more state aid for Chicago schools, provides breathing room for the district. CBS news reporting in July.



2 thoughts on “The Sunday Times.

  1. On another note:
    You addressed last week that AARP is a member of ALEC. I just read that after pressure from progressive groups they are dropping their membership.
    What took them so long? Corpirate ties I’m sure.

  2. Who is surprised that CPS leadership lies? While they expand the ridiculous, meaningless network infrastructure and open new charters to the tune of million$, good teachers and support staff are fired. The news casually states that most will be rehired. But they won’t. Those hired to fit within school budget constraints will be TFA and newbies. Experience
    d teachers will not be hired because they are too expensive.

    No elected school board and no RIF deadlines. The ONLY school district with these fine characteristics. Few art, music, or computer classes for kids. Classrooms crammed with over 40+ students. Good teachers replaced with not-a-clue teachers. Is this what Chicago kids deserve? Who would want to teach in Chicago? Who would want to send their children? Oh. No cuts for charters. Where are the news “reporters” on this one?

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