Random thoughts. Police videos. Hide in plain sight.


Yesterday the Mayor was asked about the killing of Paul O’Neal by the CPD.

“Horrible thing,” said the Mayor.

Any other reaction?


Anything else?

“Look, there’s a gut reaction because it’s a loss of life and I think it’s a horrible thing. And as I said, it’s a tragedy.”

Is the Mayor taking action?

Emanuel urged Chicagoans to “drop the hot rhetoric” and find a way to thank police officers who feel “almost hunted.” Sun-Times

I’ve been asked if I think think the Mayor has learned anything since the killing of Laquan McDonald.

The Mayor’s approach in that case was to bury the video for a year.

So, my answer is yes. He has learned from his mistakes.

Now he hides the videos in plain sight.

Meanwhile the police union is calling for their members to refuse mandatory overtime and engage in a modified. blue flu.

They say it is in response to the police being disrespected.

6 Replies to “Random thoughts. Police videos. Hide in plain sight.”

  1. And they keep talking about accountability for teachers? Does Rahm take any responsibility for the tragedies unfolding on his watch?

  2. I was watching a news program (not on msm) during which the fact that to be a licensed cosmetologist requires more training hours than to become a police officer (at least in Chicago). Are we in the era of TFA (or PFA) for police? It also caused me to wonder as to the amount (if any) of psychological & career (a test which would tell what vocations would best fit an individual–we used to take these when we were high school seniors) testing is done in order to deem one fit to even begin the training hours required because, as recent tragedies (& those–thousands, perhaps?– historically unreported) depict, some of these people were/are not, in any way, fit to wear a uniform, let alone carry.
    In what universe do officers of the law shoot/wound, then CUFF a felled man, leaving the person to bleed out on the ground? (I’m making this statement in light of the fact that there were many policemen on the scene, and it appeared as if they were all just standing around & some heard to worry about having to be put on desk duty for 30 days–poor guy.)

  3. You’re making a martyr of a felon who was in possession of a stolen car and was recklessly driving that 2 ton projectile around and at police long before that vehicle was caught on police cam. The thief was a threat to the public and was on the road to wiping out a pedestrian or a family in another car. He was taunting the police by continuing to return to the area so that he would be chased. Obviously you’re going to have your own opinion . I’d be willing to make a wager that O’Neal would be alive today if he hadn’t stolen the car in the first place, driven it recklessly with total disregard for other others, had not been under the influence of drugs, and hadn’t been shot from other gang members. There have been over 400 murders this year. Based on that number it’s clear that police are not the problem. If you really want to help the blacks I would recommend that you propose that CPS teach conflict resolution, respect for authority, discipline, etc instead of simply blindly passing these inner city kids to the next grade level so you don’t have to deal with the same child the following year.

    1. He was chased down and shot in the back, handcuffed and bled to death while the shooter turned off his body camera and high fived his partner. Street justice. No justice.

    2. Yes, Anony, let’s teach all those things–assuming there’s time, what with all the test preps (which is why practically every school district in the state starts school earlier & earlier in August every year).
      We all know IT’S THE TEACHERS’ FAULT!!!

      BTW–if they’d have shot him in the car (or taken out a tire or two), are you telling me that that wouldn’t have caused the car to veer off into a pedestrian, another driver or into someone’s living room, possibly killing the occupants? From what has been reported, the CPD is NOT supposed to fire at moving vehicles–most likely for the very reasons I have given.

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