The Sunday Times.


Milwaukee erupts after police involved shooting. Milwaukee Sentinel


I first met Ms. McQueary some years ago in the Tribune Tower with my good friends Merle Taber and Glen Brown.  She was excited about her recent membership in the Editorial Board’s writing staff. Since then, she has wrought herself and her writing to brandish boldly many of the extreme positions of the Illinois Policy Institute or other anti-union/pro-Rauner views.  John Dillon



Max Roach. Rest in peace.



The case of Charles Kinsey, the Black behavioral therapist whom North Miami police shot as he lay on his back with his hands in the air, has all but faded from the national news spotlight. But one group of people can’t look away from the July 18 incident: parents of people like Arnaldo Eliud Rios Soto, the 26-year-old autistic client Kinsey was trying to protect when SWAT Team member Jonathan Aledda shot him in the right leg.

“When I saw the incident, I burst into tears,” says Mercedes Martinez, a Los Angeles mother of an autistic 13-year-old named Rakim. “As a Black mother you already have a lot of concerns about your child when it comes to the police, but when your child has autism, you really worry. Rakim has severe autism. You have to speak calmly to him, and in that situation the cops were screaming. If that happened to my son, he’d start stimming.”  ColorLines


They don’t think Gold Medal winning Simone Manuel  even deserves to be named.

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