4 Replies to “Out with the old. In with the new.”

  1. CPS wants to sell bonds to fund the building of new schools. Did they not just close 50 schools a few years ago? Am I missing something? Perhaps Karen is more right than ever. CPS wants to stay broke – on purpose. Anyone hear a newsreader comment on this?

  2. Where’s the indignation? Where’s the outrage? Fire a thousand? Hire a thousand? All in the same breath??? Huh???!!! A job fair??? Is anyone calling for Claypool’s head? Damn him!!! Damn mayoral control!!! Damn Rahm!!! Damn Chicago’s neoliberal fools, hedge fund crooks, and corrupt politicians who are wrecking our society! Damn them for wrecking the lives of children and teachers!!! Damn them for the audacity to ask teachers for more sacrifice!!! Damn them for spitting into the faces of all Chicagoans!!!

    If this were Paris, there’d be a second French Revolution! If this were London, there’d be hundreds of thousands in the streets calling for the head of the prime minister! If this were Berlin, the Berlin Wall would come down a second time! No, this is Chicago in the “the Land of the free” and in the “Land of Lincoln”… all in “the greatest country on Earth!!! Can anyone in the “Land of the free” in the “Land of Lincoln in the “greatest country on Earth” top this BULLSHIT??? Fire a thousand. Hire a thousand. Have a job fair. All in the same breath…

    Are we getting close to critical mass???

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