Random thoughts. About Trump, the man and the Movement.


I like Michael Moore well enough. I thought his latest movie, Where to Invade Next, was clever.

However, last week he predicted that Trump was going to be elected president.

This week, with Trump poll numbers tanking and doing a 360 by dumping Paul Manafort and hiring some Breitbart executives to run the campaign – along with the serial sexual stalker Roger Ailes doing consulting work – Moore writes that Trump never wanted to be president in the first place.

It is hard to keep track.

In spite of the polls, Trump and his campaign keep pointing to their large rallies and enthusiastic crowds.

I see them too.

All that is missing are the white sheets and hoods.

At a time when even self-described liberal Democrats are dismissing the fight against segregated schools as “old battles,” Trump’s large pep rallies for white supremacy should cause no complacency.

It’s not enough to beat Trump. He must be beaten good. It’s not just the man. It’s the movement.

What is an example of complacency? Take the case of the National Education Associations nearly complete inaction on the 2015 Representative Assembly’s call for a campaign against the Confederate flag.

The Trump movement will be with us whether it is Clinton or the unlikely prospect of Trump in the White House next January.


2 Replies to “Random thoughts. About Trump, the man and the Movement.”

  1. White sheets and hoods? That’s the democrats. Look it up. You want to elect a proven pathological liar you go right ahead. Trump is not perfect but the alternative is disaster.

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